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5Oct, 15

Are you a West Palm Beach home owner? Let us help manage your property

Home and property owners understand that the management of their homes is of utmost importance. Whether it is the home they reside in, a home they let out to tenants or just the holiday house they visit every so often, everyone needs a management system for their property. With this responsibility, it is generally an added stress for the homeowner or landlord as the maintenance and management of a home is vital in ensuring that the property’s value does not decrease.

21Sep, 15

Hurricane Preparedness in Palm Beach Gardens

Being right in the middle of hurricane season, it would be silly to ignore the very real possibility of a tropical storm hitting the Palm Beach Gardens area. While the Atlantic hurricane season for 2015 is predicted to be the least active hurricane season in decades, there are still an expected 8 named storms, 3 of which can be expected to turn into hurricanes. Owning a home in this area, quite possibly one that is largely unoccupied during the storm season, means you need to have a hurricane plan in place.

21Sep, 15

Home Maintenance in Boca Raton

Maintaining a home in the South Florida area can be a challenge, especially if you are using your home as a seasonal escape from the cold up north. The problems occurring at homes always happen at the least convenient time, making it easy to put off or ignore the on-going maintenance required to keep your home in good condition.

7Sep, 15

Home Management Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens

Owning more than one home, especially a home in a different state, can be difficult to manage and maintain. Like many home owners in Palm Beach Gardens County, you could be living in your winter home for only 6 months of the year, or using your property sporadically when on business travel. Keeping an eye on things and staying on top of the never-ending maintenance can be a huge worry or burden to bear.