Last Updated on July 29, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

From the Palm Beach County Disaster Recovery Coalition

The best way to address disaster recovery is to better address preparedness – be prepared to recover. Although there are a number of organizations supporting the distribution of food, water, and ice, the importance of stocking your own supplies is imperative. Start now, and the additional costs of purchasing shelf-staple food, batteries, and bottled water, will not seem nearly as costly.

Identify if your home is in an evacuation zone, and have an evacuation plan. This plan should include letting family know where you will be.

If you choose not to evacuate, secure your home. If you do not have shutters, get them. My Safe Florida Home has several mitigation programs to help defer costs if you are eligible, and live in a building with four or fewer units in the building.

If you have certain medical problems, you may want to register with the Special Care Program. This program allows people who are pre-registered, to be sheltered in a facility that provides auxiliary power and health care staff. If you are on electrical life supports, require refrigeration for insulin, are bedridden and require custodial care, are too immobile or have a chronic stable illness, you should register today. Space at this shelter is limited and prioritized by need, but you must be registered.

For further information on this program, call 561-712-6400 and ask for the Special Needs Coordinator.

Alternatives to applying for this program would be to:

  1. Make arrangements with your oxygen vendor for an adequate supply of portable oxygen cylinders in the event you lose power.
  2. Speak with your physician to see if you can buy insulin that does not require refrigeration.
  3. Most importantly, prepare your safe room – a bathroom or interior closet – and stock your supplies.