Chip Sollins
Chip SollinsPresident & Owner
Tia El-Maayergy
Tia El-MaayergyVice President of Operations
Sydnee Gottlieb
Sydnee GottliebAccounting Manager
Christine Jinotti
Christine JinottiCustomer Service Manager
Marcelo Parrado
Marcelo ParradoBoynton Operations Division Manager & Hydro Solutions Manager
Tony Ferro
Tony FerroPressure Washing / Window Washing Supervisor
Don Williams
Don WilliamsSenior Handyman Technician
Tulsee Harrell
Tulsee Harrell Handyman Technician
Tim Keegan
Tim KeeganMaintenance Technician
Drew Sollins
Drew SollinsHomewatch Inspector
Lesley Tawsee
Lesley TawseeHousekeeper
Kaylee Rothweiler
Kaylee RothweilerCustomer Service
Amy Sorge
Amy SorgeCustomer Service Coordinator
Marc Desire
Marc DesireService Technician
Ashton Skinner
Ashton SkinnerHandyman Technician
Luke Miller
Luke MillerMaintenance Technician
Jason Kalberer
Jason KalbererEstate Boca Operations Manager
Renee Bramblett
Renee BramblettHomeWatch Inspector

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