How do I choose a reputable hurricane preparation company for my vacation home?2023-06-28T08:55:25-04:00

When choosing a hurricane preparation company, look for a provider with a strong reputation for quality work and customer service. Check reviews online and ask for references from past clients. Additionally, ensure that the company is licensed, insured, and has experience working with vacation homes in South Florida.

Will hurricane preparation services guarantee that my vacation home won’t be damaged in a hurricane?2023-06-28T08:50:50-04:00

While hurricane preparation services can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your property, we cannot guarantee that your home won’t be affected by a storm. However, by taking steps to secure your property and reduce potential hazards, you can greatly increase your chances of avoiding damage.

When should I arrange for hurricane preparation services for my vacation home?2023-06-28T08:49:43-04:00

It’s best to arrange for hurricane preparation services well in advance of hurricane season. This gives us enough time to assess your property and complete any necessary work before a storm approaches.

Can’t I just ask a neighbor to help me out?2023-06-28T08:49:11-04:00

While it may be tempting to rely on the help of friends or neighbors, it’s important to remember that they also have their own homes and families to safeguard. There’s a chance they may have to evacuate and not have enough time to secure your property as well.

How much do hurricane preparation services for vacation homes cost?2023-06-28T08:48:39-04:00

The cost of hurricane preparation services will vary depending on the size of your property and the specific services you require. Get in touch with GHMS for a free estimate.

How do I know you are legit?2023-02-20T04:29:02-05:00

We understand that when you choose a service provider in this industry, you are putting a lot of trust in them. We are mindful of this and strive to demonstrate our reliability and credibility by:

  • Carrying one of the highest limits of insurance in the home care industry and insisting that all our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Employing a team with an average of 18+ years’ experience plus doing background checks and drug testing on them.
  • Keeping your keys in a locked safe at all times.
Can I request a special visit?2023-02-20T04:29:39-05:00

Yes! We are available 24/7 – 365 days of the year and are happy to oblige should you require any additional services.

How do I know if you are actually visiting my home?2023-02-20T04:27:57-05:00

Utilizing our technology, we send an electronic report that is both date and time stamped showing all completed services. All home-watches are conducted on tablets and emailed at the time the inspection has been completed with pictures of your home.

What are the benefits of a Home management service?2022-03-09T08:33:30-05:00

Gardens Home Management Services does not just perform a basic safety check. We do a full check of your home’s interior and exterior. If any damages need to be taken care of, we can handle this for you. Our teams have emergency preparation and response in place should a storm or other severe weather conditions arise. When you hire our services, you are assured that you are receiving expert comprehensive home management and watch services for your money.

Is security included in your home management services?2022-03-09T08:33:08-05:00

Yes,  Gardens Home Management monitors your home and performs security checks. We provide you with emergency responses to any security system alarms. Our services are available throughout the year.

How often do you inspect my home and what is included in the inspection?2022-05-10T09:29:53-04:00

We conduct a weekly inspection and walk-through of your property. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured specialists will conduct these weekly inspections which include a report with pictures and a checklist of the inspection completed. You will be emailed weekly with this full report so that you are aware and kept updated at all times.

Would you manage improvements required to my home?2022-03-09T08:32:17-05:00

Whether you need to upkeep your home’s interior or do handiwork around the house, our teams are licensed to handle any project. We have over 80 contractors and we can provide you with licensed vendors to assist you if needed.

What does a home management company do?2022-03-09T08:31:54-05:00

A home management company takes care of your property when you are not at home. Although we focus on seasonal residents, we can take care of your home no matter how long you will be away from home. Our teams provide reassurance that your home is safe when you are away.

Do you provide additional concierge services?2022-03-09T08:30:51-05:00

Garden Home Management Services offers a wide variety of services, including additional concierge services. We aim to provide a wealth of resources to our clients. Should you wish for additional concierge services, you can give our team a call to find out what we offer and how we can help you.

What home management services are included in my vacation home?2022-03-09T08:29:54-05:00

Garden Home Management Services is more than just estate management services – we offer a full and comprehensive home management service, including handyman services and interior and exterior home maintenance services. You can view our full list of services here.

What should I consider when hiring a home management service?2022-03-09T08:29:28-05:00

Trust is critical when choosing a home management service. You need to know that your home is receiving the utmost care. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured – you can rest assured that your home is being maintained for professionals with several years of experience and reliability when it comes to home care.

Are Repairs included in my home management service?2022-03-09T08:29:08-05:00

Garden Home Management Services include handyman services. Our team of experts are licensed, bonded, and insured, to handle certain repairs and installations. Should you require help with other projects, we have access to licensed vendors who can assist you.

What are the main duties of a Private Property Manager?2022-03-09T08:28:45-05:00

A Private Property Manager is responsible for solely managing property. He/She will deal with matters concerning rent, landlord issues, or any property issues that may arise. Private Property Managers are separate from home management services where they do not provide a full homecare service.

What is the Home Manager’s responsibility to the owner?2022-03-09T08:27:54-05:00

A home manager ensures that your home is professionally cared for while you are away. Home managers are responsible for ensuring that your home is maintained, safe and livable upon your return. You will receive effective communication regarding the status of your home should any emergencies arise. Home managers won’t just monitor your property, but the Garden Home Management team helps you to contact vendors and perform maintenance to your home when required.

What is Home Management Services?2022-03-09T08:27:10-05:00

Home management services provide home watch, property supervision, and maintenance services for your home while you are away. Home management experts such as the Gardens Home Management service team help you to effectively take care of your home’s interior and exterior – helping you and your family to remain comfortable and safe when you return home.

In what area do you provide the service?2022-01-28T05:44:57-05:00

To provide complete customer satisfaction, we are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Gardens Home Management Services serves Florida ‘s Palm Beach county areas that are hot spots for business travelers and WFH nomads, vacationers, snowbirds, and other absentee owners including:

  • Boca Raton
  • Boyton Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Highland Beach
  • Juno Beach
  • Jupiter
  • Jupiter Island
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • West Palm Beach
  • Royal Palm Beach
  • Singer Island, and
  • Wellington.
How do you handle issues found during a HomeWatch Service inspection?2023-01-25T04:44:05-05:00

As much as we agree that prevention is better than cure, there are a number of issues that can lead to property damage. Because our checks are frequent and exhaustive, problems are quickly identified and can be resolved before escalating.

Every time Gardens Home Management Services conducts an inspection of your property, you receive a time and date stamped report with pictures and a checklist of what was checked.

Should repairs or maintenance be needed, we will liaise with you about how to proceed. More often than not our clients opt for our properly licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to do the job – confident that the quality of the workmanship and timeliness of completion will also be guaranteed.

What do I need to worry about when my home is vacant or unoccupied?2022-01-28T05:44:06-05:00

Under normal circumstances you may not consider making use of our HomeWatch Service. But just one home break-in or some other major damage to your unoccupied residence will have you Googling home watch service companies.

Unfortunately, one of the top reasons homeowners hire home watch companies is to minimize criminal activity.

Faulty electrical systems are a fire risk and cause appliances to fail.

When left unchecked for long periods, even minor leaks can lead to massive water damage.

Florida’s hurricanes bring with them torrential storm surges, floods, power outages, and knock-on damage.

What other services do you offer?2022-01-28T05:43:40-05:00

For more than 10 years the Gardens Home Management Services team has been successfully managing every detail of your home’s maintenance including:

  1. HomeWatch Services
  2. Estate Management Services
  3. Handyman Services
  4. Pressure Washing
  5. Hurricane Preparation and Cleanup
  6. Electrostatic Disinfecting Spraying
  7. Interior House Cleaning
  8. Pool and Spa Maintenance and Repairs
  9. Pest Control Services
  10. Landscape Maintenance
  11. And so much more! Our reputation has been built on a customer first approach that seeks out new ways to serve you.
What qualifies you to watch over my home?2023-01-25T04:44:33-05:00

The reasons we are recognized as a market leader in the estate management business qualify Gardens Home Management Services to watch over your home and include:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured contractors that provide a wealth of resources and a wide variety of services to our clients
  • An expert team boasting 150 years of combined experience (with an average of over 18 years’ experience)
  • Customer first approach as demonstrated by our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year availability and technology-driven communication channels
  • Country Club billing.
Are you bonded as a home watch service company? What about insurance?2022-01-28T05:42:30-05:00

Yes! Gardens Home Management Services is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, we have one of the highest limits of insurance in the homecare industry so every service we offer – from HomeWatch to handyman services and everything in between – is insured.

To maintain our top-notch reputation, we only work with contractors that we have verified are fully insured and properly licensed. We keep an updated database of preferred vendors to ensure compliance, reliability, and quality workmanship.

What is included in your weekly HomeWatch Service inspections?2023-01-25T04:44:44-05:00

The short answer: everything! More specifically, every week the qualified and competent specialists at Gardens Home Management Services comprehensively inspect:

  1. The exterior of your home to check for excessive dirt or discoloration and the water level of your pool and spa, signs of pest infestation, downed trees, weeds in the pavers, and other landscaping issues mold on the driveway /or patio, signs of intrusion (broken windows etc.), and more.
  2. The interior of your residence to check the humidity level and adjust the thermostat accordingly (depending, obviously, on type of home and equipment), examine all shower heads, tubs, and faucets for dripping, look for leaks under all cabinets and any signs of mildew, check the security alarm and circuit breakers.
Do I need a home watch service for my unoccupied home?2023-01-25T04:44:57-05:00

Of course you don’t need our HomeWatch Service for your occupied home. But you will want one if would like:

  1. Peace of mind that your home is being well cared for while you are not there – especially during hurricane season.
  2. Maintenance and repairs to be carried out by fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors before a problem is compounded.
  3. To enjoy your stay in your South Florida home without the hassle of carrying out home maintenance upon your arrival.
  4. Deterring squatters and criminals from your property with a presence and an empty mailbox.
Can I save on insurance by using a home watch service for my vacation home?2023-01-25T04:46:29-05:00

Every insurance provider is different, so it is best to speak to your broker to confirm what impact using our HomeWatch Service for your vacation home will have.

It is worth noting, however, that many insurance policies include fine print that specifies the need for periodic checks on an unoccupied property. If this is the case, our HomeWatch Service is not as much a way to save on premiums, but essential to ensuring the validity of your insurance cover.

Bonus: Gardens Home Management Services and our vendors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured; and we have one of the highest limits of insurance in the homecare industry.

Does your HomeWatch Service include hurricane preparation and cleanup?2023-01-25T04:46:37-05:00

Yes! Gardens Home Management Services can help you weather the storm before, during, and after a hurricane hits.

No one can control when a hurricane will hit but having a storm plan in place minimizes the potential damage caused by the dreaded storm. As soon as a Hurricane Watch is announced, we inspect your home, secure your furniture, and close your hurricane shutters with the aim of defending your home against the effects of a hurricane.

All contractors, staff, and technology operate from our Hurricane Command Center during the storm. A post storm inspection report is emailed once the storm has passed, and should it be necessary, we arrange for repairs to be done straight away.

Why should I hire a home watch service company?2023-01-25T04:46:08-05:00

The number one reason to hire Gardens Home Management Services and our HomeWatch Service is for your own peace of mind. Business travelers, snowbirds, vacationers, all absentee owners stress less knowing that their vacant home is being regularly checked on.

To avoid a piece of mind exchange, our HomeWatch Service is a professional way to safeguard the validity of your insurance cover. Many insurance policies include a clause requiring periodic checks.

Whatever your motivation, Garden Home Maintenance Services has your back and will ensure that your non-primary home is in tip top condition when you next visit.

Do I still need a home watch service if my home is alarmed?2023-01-25T04:46:18-05:00

If your home has a security system and you have set the alarm, you will indeed know if and when something sets it off. Your security service provider may also send a patrolman to see what has happened.

Our HomeWatch Service does all that – and more! You get a level of protection for your residence when broken windows or fallen trees are dealt with and a presence is established when junk mail and flyers are frequently removed.

Additionally, should something be discovered amiss – during a weekly inspection or in response to an alarm – we can organize for its repair or replacement using our reputable vendors or your preferred providers.

What are the benefits of having a home watch service company looking after my vacation home?2023-01-25T04:49:58-05:00

No matter how often you visit your vacation home, it is always vulnerable when it stands empty. Employing our HomeWatch Service to keep an eye on it is a smart move:

  • Regular inspections for leaks, insect infestations, breakages, and other potential issues
  • HVAC, landscape, and pool or spa maintenance by contractors that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Monitoring and preparing for severe weather
  • Increase security by:
    • Supervising access for authorized third parties such as contractors and realtors
    • Creating a presence around your property to deter squatters and criminals
    • Clearing your mail
  • Precise and accurate reporting each week, every time we enter your property, and whenever else it is necessary.
Why should I hire a company to watch my home as opposed to my neighbor?2022-01-28T05:36:25-05:00

Gone are the days when a passing glance from your neighbor sufficiently covers the needs of absentee homeowners.

Nowadays, home operating systems are more sophisticated than ever and require expert inspections that are thorough and time-consuming. Sadly, it is also too risky for neighbors to intervene in vandalism and crime. Additionally, South Florida has a high concentration of seasonal residents which means that your neighbor may very well not be home either!

Don’t leave things to chance or put your neighborly relationships in jeopardy. Rather let the professionals at Gardens Home Management Services take care of it.

Is an absentee home watch service the same as a security service?2023-01-25T04:49:44-05:00

Our HomeWatch Service both responds to security system alarms and adds a layer of security with regular and visible inspections. However, our HomeWatch Service offers so much more than a security service does:

  • Weekly property inspections
  • Implementing a storm plan according to severe weather warnings
  • Authorized access to your home for third parties
  • Written and photographic reporting that is both date and time stamped showing all completed services. (As well as informative email communiques and online channels for your queries.)
Why do I need a home watch service?2023-01-25T04:49:29-05:00

An empty home can be a disaster waiting to happen! Unexpected problems can and do arise:

  1. Burglars could break a window, thereby creating an opening vulnerable to rain damage and mold, rodent and insect infestations, or further intruders and vandals.
  2. A leaking faucet or toilet upstairs could lead to damage of the ceilings, walls, and floors below.
  3. Severe weather storms could wreak havoc – especially if your belongings have not been adequately secured.

Mitigate these risks, appease your insurance company, and relax in the knowledge that your home is being looked after in your absence.

What questions should I ask when selecting a home watch service?2023-01-25T04:47:18-05:00

Make sure you are entrusting the care of your non-primary residence to a reliable service provider by:

  • Looking for social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, or social shares.
  • Ask potential service providers for references and ask them:
    • How long they have been using the home watch service company?
    • What level of service they receive?
    • If anything has ever gone wrong, and
    • Whether they would recommend the company to friends and family?
  • Check what insurance cover and compliance certification the company and their contractors have
  • Find out what checks are done for new hires
  • Determine what channels of communication are available and the availability of support
  • Ask about the frequency and scope of the inspections
  • Check what security measures are in place to protect your keys and your personal information
  • Find out what length of contract you are expected to sign.
What is included in a home watch service?2023-01-25T04:49:12-05:00

Reactively, our HomeWatch Service responds to security system alarms, monitors severe weather warnings and provides you with emergency preparations when needed, and organizes authorized access to your home for third parties.

For peace of mind, our HomeWatch Service proactively includes thorough weekly inspections of both the exterior and interior of your home. Should anything be found amiss – be it from wear and tear, stormy weather, or foul play – the specialists at Gardens Home Management Services will coordinate with you and reputable service providers to fix the problem in the best possible way.

What is a home watch service?2023-01-25T04:49:05-05:00

Those fortunate enough to have more than one residence – retirees and semi-retired people, WFH nomads, holiday makers, and other snowbirds – share a mutual concern: “What is happening when the house is unoccupied?

Our HomeWatch Service inspects your property weekly and then emails you a written and photographic report so that you can rest assured that your home is being well cared for by Gardens Home Management Services while you’re away.

How do you manage a vacant property?2022-01-25T06:11:36-05:00

When a vacant property is under our management, we conduct regular inspections, sending email reports, complete with photos, to the client. We run through a comprehensive checklist, both on the interior and exterior of the property. If we find anything that needs to be repaired, we send a quote to the client, and proceed with the work once the client approves.

What are the benefits of an Estate Management Service for snowbirds?2022-01-25T06:11:16-05:00

Estate management services are essential for snowbirds. Property owners who leave their Florida vacation homes unoccupied for months at a time need professionals whom they can trust to inspect and maintain their properties while they are away. Snowbirds can enjoy complete peace of mind when they are out of state, knowing that their homes are in good hands.

What is the difference between estate management services and property management services?2022-01-25T06:10:57-05:00

Estate management services are concerned with maintenance and repairs and other similar services, whereas property managers handle matters such as leasing, securing tenants and collecting rent. Property managers often work with estate management services to maintain their clients’ properties.

How can I find a good estate management company?2022-01-25T06:10:40-05:00

The best ways to find a good estate management company are either to search online, making sure to check testimonials and recommendations, or to ask for references from other homeowners in your community.

What does an Estate Management company do?2022-01-25T06:10:09-05:00

Estate management companies employ teams of bonded, licensed and insured professionals to provide expert services that will help you effectively take care of your home’s interior, exterior and other maintenance management. Estate management encompasses many services, including carpet cleaning, windows and mirror cleaning, upholstery and drapery cleaning, plumbing repairs, air conditioning and heating system services and many other home management services.

What pitfalls should I avoid when hiring an Estate management company?2022-01-25T06:09:37-05:00

The most important thing is to ensure that your estate management company employs staff and contractors who are all bonded, licensed and insured. You should also ask for references and check testimonials from previous clients to ensure that the company is reputable.

Can I trust an Estate Management Company with my unoccupied home?2022-01-25T06:09:16-05:00

Yes. Our bonded, licensed, and insured staff and contractors can be depended on to take good care of your property during your absence. Our rigorous recruitment practices and strict security procedures help to ensure that your home is safe and that you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Is Hurricane preparedness included in your Estate Management services, and what does it entail?2022-01-25T06:08:58-05:00

We offer hurricane preparedness services, which include interior and exterior inspections of a home prior to a storm, securing all furniture, and taking all necessary steps to protect the building during the coming storm. Our Hurricane Command Center is stocked with all the safety equipment, supplies, and resources necessary to fulfill our commitment to our customers to give you the peace of mind you deserve before, during and after the storm. All contractors, staff and technology will be in place to weather the storm.

Can Estate Management services help you maintain your property’s value?2022-01-25T06:08:35-05:00

Yes. It is very important that your home is kept in good condition in order to maintain its value. If you don’t have the time to see to maintenance tasks yourself, or are away from your property for several months each year, things can very easily fall into disrepair. Once things start to break or wear out, it is very important that they are repaired immediately. If one thing goes wrong, other things tend to follow. Cracks can easily grow, and one small leak can do plenty of damage if left for a long time. Regular inspections and maintenance work by an estate management company will ensure that problems are identified and dealt with as they arise.

Why do I need an estate management company to take care of my vacation home?2022-01-25T06:08:16-05:00

As a vacation homeowner, you probably leave it standing empty for long periods. You may even live out of state where you cannot regularly check on your property. When you hire an estate management company, you can relax knowing that your property is taken care of all year round.

What Questions Should I ask the Estate Management Services Company before hiring them?2022-01-25T06:07:51-05:00

Before you hire your estate management service, here are some questions you should ask:

  • What do your services include?
  • Are your contractors licensed, bonded and insured?
  • How long have you been in business and what is your experience level?
  • How many staff members do you have?
  • Are all your service providers in-house, or do you work with contractors? 
  • What are your rates, and do you offer different packages for different budgets and service requirements?
  • What types of properties do you manage?
What are the advantages of hiring an Estate Management company?2022-01-25T06:07:04-05:00

When you choose to work with an estate management company, you free yourself of the stress involved with maintaining and caring for your property. With us, you know that your property is cared for whether you are on the premises or not. You do not need to worry about finding the time to carry out routine maintenance tasks; you can simply rest assured that your estate management company has them under control.

What services are included in Estate Management?2022-01-25T06:06:41-05:00

Estate management includes the following services:

  • Interior house cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning and maintenance
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Handyman services
  • Home watch services
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Pool services
What are Estate Management Services?2022-01-25T06:06:18-05:00

Our estate management service is a comprehensive set of property supervision services provided by bonded, licensed, and insured experts. The services include carpet cleaning, windows and mirror cleaning, upholstery and drapery cleaning, plumbing repairs, air conditioning and heating system services, and many other home management services. The object of our services is to oversee and maintain your property, both while you are at home and when you are away.

What Services can you expect from an Estate Management Services company2022-01-11T06:07:41-05:00
  • Regular Interior and Exterior Inspection – frequency to be agreed on
  • Interior Checklist:
    • Checking for Pests, mildew, water leaks, electrical issues, etc.
    • Run the garbage disposal, dishwasher, flush toilets, run water in showers and sinks
    • Check Fridge and Freezer to ensure it is still working
    • Is alarm working
    • Check for possible security breaches
    • and more….
  • Exterior Checklist:
    • Look for signs of intrusion, pest infestation close to home, broken windows, storm damage, etc.
    • Check mail and bring indoors with any packages left at door
    • Report any garden problems – trees down, weeds in pavers, mold on driveway / patio
    • Report any problems with A/C
    • Inspection of pool and spa and look for any leaks
    • and more……

Additional Concierge services are available based on your requirements and these will be at an additional cost.

Why pay for an Estate Management Service if my neighbor can stop in to check on my home?2022-01-11T05:55:02-05:00

The questions to ask here are:

  • What if a serious issue arises?
  • What is you need someone to take action immediately?
  • What if you had a security breach?
  • What if your neighbour is away on holiday for a couple of weeks?
  • Will they look for possible pests, mold, water leaks, electrical and other issues?
  • Will they run the dishwasher, garbage disposal, flush toilets, check the water, etc. regularly
  • Will they check on the service providers like, pool cleaners, landscaping, handyman services etc.
  • and more…….

The answer is that this could become a problem for your neighbor and increase your costs if issues are not dealt with swiftly.  The Benefits of an Estate Management Services exceeds the cost and provides peace of mind

Why should I hire an estate management service?2022-01-11T05:39:45-05:00

There are multiple reasons to engage in an estate management service for your vacation or unoccupied home.  Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Water Leaks and Electrical Faults can be picked up before they happen with regular inspections
  • Reduce the likelihood of break-ins & vandalism
  • Maintaining your property
  • Hurricane Preparation and Cleanup
  • Pest Intrusion and Infestation
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Vendor & Contractor Verification
  • Home Insurance Requirements for unoccupied homes

We also always strive to provide complete customer satisfaction.
To achieve this we make ourselves available to our customers
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Contact us for a free consultation on our Services.

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