Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by Gardens Home Management Services

It’s hurricane season in Florida, so we should be prepared for hurricane warnings. Make sure that your property is secure, and you have a plan in place should the worst happen.

Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for your windows. If you do not have these, consider boarding up your windows with 5/8” marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. Remember that tape does not prevent windows from breaking.

Gather Emergency Supplies

Put together an emergency disaster supplies kit such as emergency medications and first aid kit, nonperishable foods, a can opener, bottled water (a minimum of three gallons per person per day), radio, flashlight, candles, batteries, clothing, important documents (including car ownership papers), cash, and credit cards. Remember to pack items for babies or family members with special needs.

Tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rainfall cause downed power lines that lead to power outages, so keep your cell phone charged.

Keep these supplies in a waterproof container that is easy to carry and ensure that all family members know where to find it.

Get Your Car Ready

Fill your gas tank and check that your battery is charged. Check your oil, wipers, and tires.

It is a good idea to take photos of your vehicle inside and out before the storm to make it easier to claim from insurance for damage.

Get Your Family and Pets Ready

Revise your evacuation plan with your family regularly and do not forget your fur babies! Include pet food in your hurricane Go-Bag.

Be Ready to Evacuate or Stay at Home

Your evacuation plan should be known to all the people that live with you. Make sure you are familiar with the evacuation routes too.

You should evacuate if local authorities instruct you to do so or if you live in a high-rise building because hurricane winds are stronger at higher elevations. On the coast, it is advisable to evacuate.

If you do not evacuate, stay indoors and away from windows during the hurricane. You need to close all your interior doors and secure and brace external doors. Ideally, you should have a wind-safe room, but if you do not, shelter in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level.

Monitor hurricane watch alerts and follow the instructions of your local officials. Most of all, stay safe!

For more information on how Gardens Home Management Services can help you weather the storm before, during and after the hurricane hits contact us today. As soon as there are hurricane warnings, we secure your home for peace of mind.