Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Vacant home management is a necessity when you are a snowbird with a vacation home in Palm Beach County. With this service, someone is present at your property every week, while your garden and swimming pool are beautifully maintained. At Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS), we offer comprehensive estate management services for your convenience. Let’s discuss home management offers in more detail.

Interior Home Management Services

An empty house attracts pests, and with the high humidity levels we experience in Palm Beach County, mildew develops easily. Interior home management services look for signs of pests and arrange for pest control when necessary. Leaks, whether due to roof damage after a hurricane or a damaged pipe, are attended to immediately before mildew becomes a problem. Other interior home management services include house cleaning, security checks, and checking humidistat and thermostat settings.

Exterior Home Management Services

Do your grandchildren enjoy swimming in the pool when they come to visit? Are you passionate about gardening? If left unattended, the swimming pool water will go green, and the garden will dry out from a lack of water. Exterior home management services will do the necessary pool and garden maintenance, take note of loud noises coming from A/C units that mean repairs are needed, and even bring in packages or post left at the front door.

Welcome Back Services

Are you a winter visitor from Canada or traveling from the East Coast to your Florida vacation home? A welcome back service ensures your house is sparkling clean and smells good. The water heater will be taken off the “vacation” setting, the air conditioner and humidistat set on comfortable levels, and the toilet water turned on. The welcome back service could also include stocking the fridge and cupboards with groceries and food items you ordered online.

Bon Voyage Services

After a few months in Palm Beach County you are going home. Don’t be concerned about cleaning your vacation home before departure or washing the bed linen and towels. Bon Voyage services let you enjoy your holiday to the last minute and will arrange for your linen, drapery, carpets, and house to be cleaned. The humidistat and air conditioner will be set on levels sufficient for an unoccupied house, and pest control will be done before the house is locked.  

Key Holder Services

Somehow emergencies always seem to happen when you are away from your vacation home, and in Florida, hurricane season can also cause property damage. With key holder services, Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) is always available to unlock your home for roof or appliance repairs and any deliveries. Client keys and codes are kept in a safe location, and the property is accessed only upon request of the homeowner. GHMS are licensed, bonded, and insured.  

Other Concierge Services

Every homeowner and property has different needs. That is why Gardens Home Management Services offers several additional concierge services as part of our vacant home management process. It includes hurricane preparation, Home Watch, handyman services, pressure washing, and electrostatic disinfecting spraying. In our interior house cleaning category, we can do a standard detailed cleaning or a freshen-up, it all depends on your needs.       

Why use a Home Management Service Company

Why should you use a home management service company? It is convenient. There are many such companies in Palm Beach County, but at Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) we strive to be customer-centric. You are the most important part of our company, and that is why we address your issues fully and resolve them completely. We will protect your vacation home and look after it until you return for the next snowbird season. When you are away, GHMS looks after your investment and takes care of your home.

We are committed to simplifying the life of our clients and will do everything we can to reply to your communications on the same working day. Do you have a vacation home in Palm Beach County and want someone to carry out vacant home management on your behalf? Contact Gardens Home Management Services today.