Last Updated on February 8, 2021 by Gardens Home Management Services

Who looks after your Palm Beach vacation home when you’re away? Friends and neighbors can help to a certain extent, but a professional home watch service is the only way to get thorough care and year-round peace of mind. Here are five reasons why you should sign up for a home watch service before you leave your Palm Beach property for any significant period.

1. Home watch services give you peace of mind

While you’re away from your property, it would be quite understandable to worry about what may be happening there in your absence. Did you switch off the water heater or the gas? What if that minor leak has got worse? What happens if someone enters your property unlawfully? These and similar questions may go through your mind constantly, so why not contract professionals to answer them – and to solve any problems as they arise – and keep your mind at ease during your absence? 

2. It might be necessary for insurance purposes

Some home insurance policies may not cover damages or theft on your property if it is left standing empty with nobody to watch it. If you are away for more than four days, you need to have someone keeping an eye on the home if you need to make any insurance claims. 

3. Small problems can be addressed before they become big problems

When you’re at the property, you can quickly take care of small issues as they arise. However, if you’re away, a small problem such as a leak, or a broken window, can develop into bigger problems, or give way to serious damage. A home watch service will spot these problems and attend to them so that they don’t get out of control. 

4. You need someone there who can help when the unexpected happens

It is possible for your house to stand empty for a season without any incidents. Then again, the unexpected can always happen, and when it does, you want someone there you can trust to take care of it. 

5. A friend or neighbor is probably not the right person for the job

Despite the best of intentions, your neighbor may not be able to give your home the proper care while you’re gone. How thorough will they be? Will they check regularly for the first few weeks and then let it slide? They may not be able to handle any problems that might arise. It really is better to entrust your property to licensed, bonded, insured professionals who will be dedicated to giving you quality service.

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