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While you may want to spend every waking moment in your Florida vacation home, it’s not always possible. If you need to spend the bulk of your time thousands of miles away from your vacation home, you’re going to need to hire a home watch service. Before deciding on which home watch service provider is best suited to your needs and home, take the time to ask these top 8 questions:

  1. Is your home watch business bonded and insured? It’s important that your home watch service provider will be able to pay for something if they break it.
  2. Is the home watch business licensed? In every industry there are regulations and practices that must be followed. When hiring a licensed service provider, you can have the peace of mind that they are trained and qualified in their specific line of work. Tasks can therefore be carried out professionally and correctly.
  3. How flexible is their schedule / availability? It’s okay for a home watch service to be busy, especially if they work specifically in one area. However, their schedule needs to be relatively flexible in case you have an emergency at your property.
  4. How much does the home watch service cost? It’s important to be fully informed of the costs involved in the home watch service. Enquire about the per-visit charge and if there are additional charges to be expected for extra services. Surprises on your bill won’t be pleasant.
  5. What exactly is included in the home watch service. In general, “home watch” as a term is quite broad. It’s important to know precisely what you are paying for and what to expect. The ideal home watch service provider includes security checks, pest problems, weather and water damage repairs, upkeep of heating and cooling systems, electrical system checks, plumbing maintenance, pool and landscape maintenance, emergency response to alarm activations, weather monitoring and storm preparations, and finally, provision of access to your home for authorised third parties.
  6. What type of payments do they accept? If you are out of town, it’s best to know how you will pay for the services provided. Can you pay by check, debit / credit card or even by bank transfer?
  7. Does your home watch service offer storm preparation and emergency call outs? When a hurricane is on its way and you are miles away, you need the peace of mind that your home watch service provider has it covered.
  8. Are team members (employees) of the home watch company properly vetted? It’s important to have complete peace of mind that everyone who has access to your property has undergone thorough background and criminal checks. Your home watch service provider should be able to guarantee you this sort of peace of mind.

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