If you are concerned about leaving your home in Admirals Cove, Jonathan’s Landing, or Jupiter Yacht Club unattended, worry no more!

Peace of Mind

It is so important to be able to enjoy your lifestyle without having to let your assets weigh you down. And the best way to do this is to hire our trusted HomeWatch service to keep their well-trained eyes on your property and keep you in the loop.

When your home is unoccupied, it is vulnerable. If the premises are going to be vacant for a long period, it’s really best to hire our professional and reputable HomeWatch service.

HomeWatch Services In Jupiter

Here in Florida, we know that Nature can unleash harsh weather. We have heavy rains and strong winds which can lead to hurricanes, storm surge and flooding. This can create serious damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. If you are away for an extended period, the damage goes unchecked and unrepaired, often leading to further damage.

Faulty wiring and failed appliances can also cause damage. Faulty wiring and misuse of extension cables in homes, can lead to fires. Power surges can cause appliance failure and result in problems such as basement flooding, home security systems being deactivated and other more serious damage.

It isn’t always possible to prevent these problems, but hiring our professional HomeWatch service to perform regular inspections may be the difference between damage and disaster.

So whether you’re working in New York City or skiing in the Alps, you will not have to wonder what is happening with your property back in Jupiter. Our service and detailed feedback lets you get on with your life.

For more information on our HomeWatch Services In Jupiter, contact Gardens Home Maintenance Services without delay!