Naturally, a Boynton Beach home watch service has a responsibility to its clients; that is the very essence of the business. However, the business has a responsibility to its employees as well.

Peace Of Mind

When you sign up with Gardens Home Management Services HomeWatch, you get the peace of mind from knowing that your gorgeous Valencia Cove, Valencia Lakes, Valencia Reserve or Valencia Sound home is in good hands as well as the knowledge that the people who are inspecting and caring for your home are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.

And we know it’s not just about possible litigation; you want to know that people are being looked after. As employers and service providers, both aspects are important to us. We know that to hire the best team, we need to offer the best benefits so that our employees are confident in their jobs and feel secure enough to do what needs to be done without fear of injury or reprisal.

Be Wary

According to the National Home Watch Association, “Home Watch companies perform an incredibly valuable service for the homeowners who hire them—and most do have their clients’ best interests at heart. The problem is those that do not. The Home Watch profession is an unclassified, unregulated industry. As of today, no federal, provincial, state, or municipal governments recognize Home Watch, and therefore our industry “flies under the radar.” There are no requirements at all: no insurance or bonding; no reporting standards; no best practices—in short, there is no accountability…to anyone.”

This is precisely why we at Gardens Home Management Services will go out of our way to be accountable to our clients and employees.

For more information on how we can keep an eye on your Boynton Beach home – knowing our staff are covered by Workman’s Compensation – contact us today.