Last Updated on August 1, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

It’s a sad reality that crime exists, but also that crime in West Palm Beach is on the rise. According to Neighborhood Scout, property crime is the highest type of crime in this area, with your chances of being a victim as high as 1 in 21. House breaking or theft of your possessions is not something you want to experience, so how can you be sure your West Palm Beach house is safe and secure, especially when you are not there?

For an absentee owner, or one who is away for extended periods, you cannot underestimate the value of having someone watch over your home when you cannot. Asking a neighbor to look in on your home every week or so is an option, but in the event of an emergency, you wouldn’t want to impose on their generosity. If repair or action is needed, you couldn’t expect a neighbor to undertake this on your behalf. So what is the solution?

Fortunately, home watch services exist to simplify your life and give you the peace of mind needed in an emergency situation. Not only can you rest assured knowing your property is checked for security on a regular basis, but that there is 24/7 emergency response to any alarm activation. Using the services of a reputable home management company is like having an insurance policy to keep watch over your home.

A contract with a home management company will ensure your home is inspected regularly for any security breaches as well as checking your home alarm. In addition, the inspector will check your home for any kind of water damage, plumbing problems, signs of insect infestation or any other visible maintenance needs. Noticing and addressing a problem early can be the key to saving you money as well as keeping your investment in good shape.

The HomeWatch program from GHMS ticks all of these boxes

Garden Home Management Services are professionals at keeping an eye on your home while you are away. Their weekly inspections are thorough and they will keep you updated of any issues or maintenance requirements. To make your life even simpler, necessary repair work can be organized by GHSM, using their team of bonded, licensed and insured contractors. They will even monitor the weather in hurricane season and provide the relevant preparations. To find out more about HomeWatch and the array of other services on offer, contact them today.