Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Do you have a vacant vacation home in Jupiter? Have you ever been targeted by burglars? According to research, the property crime rate in Florida is lower than the national average, and nearly 7 in 10 homes have some level of protection, with the most popular being security cameras and security systems. Although the burglary statistics across Florida are low, in Palm Beach County it has historically been the crime with the highest rate of incidents.    

It is traumatizing to be a victim of a burglary. What are the signs your vacation home in Jupiter is a target for burglary activity, and what security measures can you take to prevent the crime?      

You Don’t Have A Security System

Researchers asked convicted burglars about the effectiveness of alarm systems. Some felt the presence of a security system might indicate a house has more attractive items to steal, despite the hassle and risk alarm systems present to thieves. They did, however, say that alarm companies should not install the control panel of security devices in a place where it is visible through a window or door.

Even though burglars seem to have a limited fear of home security systems, it is still vital to have one installed. It could be an insurance requirement and even result in lower premiums.

Unknown Vehicles And People Stop In Front Of Your Property

Have you met the neighbors at your vacation home in Jupiter? Do you know if anyone lives there around the year? Your house will be less at risk of burglary if you know your neighbors and they know who is legally allowed to enter your property, as is the case when you appoint Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) to do weekly Home Watch inspections.   

Surveillance is one of the ways thieves learn which properties are potential targets. They jog or walk up and down the block, or drive past the property at different times. When burglars know people in the community are actively aware of their surroundings, they will think twice before committing a crime. 

Symbols Around The Property

A strategy for burglars to indicate a property is vulnerable might be as simple as turning a welcome mat around or leaving a ball outside the residence. An item that seems to belong there but is slightly changed. We take certain residential features for granted and don’t realize they can be additional security measures. Since thieves can leave symbols around the property, homeowners can do the same to prevent a property from looking empty. It includes parked cars, operating lawn sprinklers, toys in the yard and, of course, the presence of people at random times.     

Door-To-Door Scams

Most people are polite and helpful. Criminals know that, so they use door-to-door scams to determine if a property is empty and to do surveillance. They will knock on the door, allegedly looking for a missing dog, needing directions, or asking for a charitable donation. A doorbell camera is a valuable tool to record suspicious activity. In the research done with convicted burglars mentioned earlier, the thieves suggested that homeowners install security cameras and ensure they are very visible.  

Vacant Vacation Home Watch Services to give you Peace of Mind

When you use the GHMS Home Watch service, there is no need to be concerned when you are away from your vacation home in Jupiter. Our service includes weekly inspections where we walk the entire exterior of your property and check the interior for, among other things, broken windows, signs of intrusion, and to ensure the security alarm is active if one is installed. We also check the mail and bring in packages left at the door. 

Due to these inspections, we will immediately notice if something is out of place. After every inspection, our Home Watch clients receive a report with pictures and a checklist of the completed actions.  

We are a full-service estate management company serving the communities of Palm Beach County, Florida. Did you know our Home Watch service means there is weekly activity at your vacant vacation home in Jupiter? For more on the service, contact Gardens Home Management Services today.