Last Updated on December 19, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

Knowing that your seasonal home in Palm Beach Gardens is closely watched while you are not around is crucial for your peace of mind. Many things can go wrong in a house that is left to stand empty for long periods. To come home to an unwatched seasonal home—along with all the potential problems that may have developed—is something that you can avoid by hiring a home watch service company.

GHMS offers complete, seasonal home watch services to set your mind at ease at your primary residence as our specialists check in on your house regularly, carefully checking all aspects of the building’s condition and ensuring its security.

What we do while you are away

Gardens Home Management steps in to be your eyes, ears, and hands for those times when you are not around. When visiting the property, we check both the interior and exterior, inspecting everything from plumbing and electricity to landscaping and security. We also provide 24-hour emergency responses to alarm activations. If anything needs fixing, we have a full network of professionals to handle repairs and maintenance. Whatever we do, we will keep you updated and send you regular reports to let you know what is happening on your property.

GHMS home watch services

Our home watch services are targeted mainly at our seasonal residents, but we also offer these services to business travelers. If you are away from your home for any length of time, we strongly recommend our home watch services, comprising weekly inspections of your home.

With our home watch service, homeowners can have their seasonal home inspected in their absence to ensure that there are no signs of leaks, insect or pest infestations, security system alerts, or any other visible maintenance needs. We will conduct a complete interior and exterior home inspection, paying close attention to the proper operation of mechanical systems, including air conditioning, pool and spa equipment, as well as plumbing and electrical systems.

Peace of mind for you

No matter where you are in the world or how long you will be there, you can rest assured that your seasonal home will be well looked after and ready for you when you return. We are available to you any time of the day, seven days a week. We provide reliable seasonal home watch services for properties in Palm Beach Gardens. For more information and to get a free consultation, contact us today.