Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

As you prepare your home for holiday guests & cooler weather, be sure to take the time to proof your home against unwanted guest-rodents. Rodents will find a reason to come indoors no matter the season, especially when it starts to get a little cooler outside. Warm Florida weather does not guarantee unplanned guests. Rodents are adaptable and can go inside your home with just an opening the size of a dime!

What’s Living In Your Attic?

Winter is here and with the cooler months the likelihood of a rodent infestation increases greatly. This is the time of year when rodents, specifically rats, are looking to nest. Rodents are highly destructive to your attic. Some common problems they cause include ripping open AC duct work and chewing on electrical wires. Schedule your attic inspection today!

Rodent Control Services:

Rodents are very dirty and destructive critters that can damage floors, ceilings, doors, and walls as a result of their burrowing and gnawing activity. Our pest control experts has the knowledge and tools necessary to resolve your rodent problems. Some of the rodent services we provide are:

  • Rodent Monitoring
  • Rodent Sealing
  • Rodent Trapping

Don’t let these rodents ruin your holiday! Call GHMS today to learn more about we can help you with those unwanted guests!