What exactly does an estate management service in Boynton Beach do? The purpose of an estate management service is to provide a complete home-care service throughout the year. This entails a thorough list of weekly or monthly checks. Then, if we find anything amiss while working through our checklist, we will report it to you and, with your authorization, go ahead with any necessary repairs. What do we check when we arrive at your property in Valencia Cove, Valencia Lakes, Valencia Reserve, Valencia Sound, or elsewhere in Boynton Beach? Here’s a complete list:

Estate management checklist

Every month, we come to your property and inspect both the exterior and interior. This what we look for:

  • Walk the entire exterior of the property.
  • Perform visual inspection on the garden and landscaping, including the condition of trees, the presence of weeds, and your sprinkler heads.
  • Perform a visual inspection of pool and spa looking for excessive dirt, discoloration, the water level
  • Listen for any unusual noise coming from pool equipment and look for any leaks.
  • Look for signs of storm damage.
  • Look for signs of intrusion.
  • Look for signs of pest infestation around the house
  • Check all windows for broken panes or signs of tampering.
  • Check the function of all A/C units.
  • Check mail and bring indoors (if you are away), as well as newspapers, packages, etc.
  • Check that the alarm system is working.
  • Check for telephone dial tone.
  • Check all showerheads, tubs, and faucets for dripping.
  • Look for leaks under all cabinets.
  • Check all ceilings for apparent leaks or mildew.
  • Check breaker panel for tripped breakers.
  • Check humidistat and thermostat settings.
  • Test for cool air
  • Check the hot water heater.
  • Perform Optional services as requested

If you would like these monthly checks carried out on your property by bonded, licensed and insured professionals, contact Gardens Home Management Services, an estate management service in Boynton Beach.