Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

Estate management services in Boca Raton abound thanks to the city’s top spot as 2021’s best snowbird destination! “Boca” is well-known for its sunny skies and balmy weather, laid back vibe, and vibrant downtown.

1. Relaxation

With 23 golf courses, pristine beaches, fine restaurants, lively nightlife, and luxury boutiques, this gem in Palm Beach County is meant to be enjoyed and explored.

Real R&R is not possible if you are up to your eyeballs in domestic chores and home repairs. Take a load off by hiring specialist estate management services to take care of such drudgeries.

2. Response

By its very nature, a vacant property is more vulnerable to becoming a target for vandalism, theft, arson, and even squatting.

Just the presence of inspectors carrying out their weekly checks gives the impression that your house is occupied. Further evidence is derived from their regular clearing of your mailbox and swift repair of any damage. (Only trustworthy and vetted contractors make it onto our database of vendors.)

Strict key management maintains the integrity of access to your home. Should your security system alarm be activated, emergency response is available every day of the year.

3. Regular Upkeep

Property maintenance tasks need to be ongoing to ensure the immaculate condition of your home. Moreover, the consequences of any problems arising, such as a burst pipe or leaking roof, can be significantly greater as they can go unnoticed for longer periods in an unoccupied dwelling.

Your estate management services company should coordinate preventive maintenance based on regular checks and inspections and keep comprehensive documentation related to everything done to your property.

4. Reaction to Hurricane Alerts

The flip side to the idyllic weather is the risk of extreme weather events such as severe storms and hurricanes. Ensure your vacation property is appropriately prepared before a storm hits and promptly repaired afterwards.

5. Reassurance

The policies of many insurance companies include clauses specifying the need for periodic checks on properties that are unoccupied for any length of time. Make sure your insurance cover is valid by signing up for a home watch service.

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