Last Updated on August 1, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

If you have a vacation home in Florida, you have a slice of paradise! Florida offers pristine beaches and a gorgeous tropical climate that’s simply loved by all. Unfortunately, getting that Florida sun-kissed look doesn’t come without its stresses and complications. For instance, a mutual concern shared by vacation-home owners is who will take care of their unoccupied property? One only realizes the importance of a vacation home watch service when facing the anxiety of dealing with a burglary, messy garden or hurricane on its way while the house is not hurricane proofed. If you’ve experienced any of these stressful situations before, you will know just how vital a home watch service is.

With a home watch service, you can rest assured that your property will be properly taken care of in your absence. In the event of an unforeseen situation, like appliance failure, damage, vandalism, acts of God or similar, the professional home watch team will take care of it. They will also improve on the property security by doing regular property checks, clearing the mail box and making sure that the property looks well taken care of and occupied. In the event of an alarm activation, the home watch service will visit the property to make sure that all is okay. It works much the same with acts of God. Imagine being a seasonal resident – you are away from your Florida vacation home and an unexpected hurricane is on its way. Who will hurricane proof your home and make sure that any damage sustained is promptly repaired? Your home watch service provider – that’s who! 

Protect your investment with a home watch service | Vacation home watch services in Florida 

If you’re tired of living in fear and want to ensure that your Florida vacation home is well cared for even when you aren’t there, acquire the services of our professional home watch service at Gardens Home Management Services. For more information and advice on what to expect to be included in the home watch service, simply contact us via email or telephone at Gardens Home Management Services today.