Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

If you own property in Delray, you are most certainly aware that the area can experience hurricanes. Unfortunately, homes that don’t have the correct hurricane protection can suffer devastating damage. Whether you live in your Delray home or use it as a holiday home, it is vitally important that you are fully prepared in the event of a hurricane.

While it is always advised that you hire a professional to assist you with hurricane preparation and preparedness, we have included a few tips on how to hurricane proof your home below:

  • Protect all doors and windows with either impact resistant glass or shutters. This will ensure that your windows aren’t broken by flying debris.
  • Ensure that your landscape is well maintained. This will ensure that no debris from the garden will cause injury or damage during a hurricane. Remove branches and ensure that all trees and bushes are properly pruned and cut back.
  • Brace the garage door to ensure that it is not easily ripped off during a hurricane.
  • Make sure that your roof is designed to weather heavy storms and that it is secured to the actual building. A roof can cause quite a bit of damage to surrounding property and can be fatal to people.

Hurricane Preparation Services Provided by Gardens Home Management Services in Palm Beach

By hiring a home management team to look after your property, you can ensure that your home is fully prepared for a hurricane, even if you aren’t in town. At Gardens Home Management Services we will ensure that your home is prepared for a hurricane and subsequently monitored during and after the storm. We can also provide you with updates along the way for your peace of mind.

To enquire about our hurricane preparation and maintenance services in Delray, simply complete a work order request and one of our customer service representatives will schedule your request. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone at Home Care Pro today.