Last Updated on August 1, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

If you own a winter home in Florida, hiring a professional homewatch services company to support you should be a top priority. It goes without saying that a vacant home is a vulnerable one. If you own a home in Florida that is vacant between certain periods, you should think seriously about who will take care of your home while you are away. Whether you are only away for a few weeks a year or for a few months, there is the potential for your property to fall victim to damage. Storms, fires, theft and pests all present risk of serious damage to your property while you are away.

Before leaving your home vacant, hire a professional homewatch services company such as Gardens Home Management Services.

Benefits of HomeWatch Services in Florida

  • Have peace of mind that your home is protected against hurricane damage. Mother nature can be unpredictable and if a storm threatens while you’re away, it can be difficult to find someone to hurricane proof your property. A professional HomeWatch services company will ensure that your home is fully prepared for a storm and will also provide you with feedback and a report on the condition of your home once the storm has passed.
  • Electrical problems and faulty appliances can be tended to quickly before a fire breaks out. When you lock up your home, you will probably need to leave certain appliances running while you are away. Professional HomeWatch services companies can do regular household inspections to ensure that all appliances are working correctly and that there is no chance of a fire outbreak of similar danger.
  • Rodents and insect infestations can be kept at bay. The location of your Florida home could put you at risk of rodents and insects taking over, especially if the home is vacant for extended periods of time. A professional HomeWatch services company will do regular inspections and will take care of any infestations as they are encountered.

These are just three of the top reasons why you should hire a home watch company to take care of your Florida home while you’re away.

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