Last Updated on October 20, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

There is always time to prepare for hurricane season in Palm Beach when you work with home care professionals that live in the area. Do you have a seasonal home in Palm Beach and need to secure your lanai, amongst other things, for hurricane season? Gardens Home Management Services can do all the work for you when you are far away.  

What should every homeowner do at least one month before the heavy rains and strong winds arrive?     

Don’t Leave Loose Objects Lying Around

Is the outdoor umbrella and lounger still around the swimming pool? Did the grandkids come to visit, and their toys are still in the sandpit? All loose items, whatever their size, can turn into a projectile in a severe storm. It can damage your own home, a neighbor’s, or worse, a human being or beloved pet.  

Where possible, outdoor furniture, toys and decorative items should be stored inside a building. Items that cannot be moved easily, such as heavy garden pots, must be secured to the ground.  

Trim Your Trees

Before we discuss how to make the trees in your yard hurricane ready, don’t forget to switch off and secure the irrigation system. The Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners, in their official hurricane planning guide, suggest you do the following to prepare your trees. 

  • Cut back weak branches in trees that touch buildings
  • Thin foliage so wind can flow freely through the branches
  • Do not cut down trees once a storm has been named
  • Start major tree maintenance before June 1, where possible.

Invest In Hurricane Shutters

It is worth investing in hurricane shutters to protect your seasonal home from water damage. Choose something practical, affordable and easy to use. There is a wide selection available, including:  

  • Removable panels
  • Colonial shutters/Bahama awnings
  • Accordion shutters
  • Roll-up shutters
  • Plywood coverings. 

Whichever hurricane shutter type you choose, it should be attached to the structural framing of the house and not the window or door frames. Install second-story and difficult shutters first, and always follow the instructions when installing window protection. 

Keep Your Swimming Pool Full

It seems contradictory to keep your swimming pool full when heavy rains are expected. Why must we fill up our swimming pools? The rains brought by a hurricane lead to increased groundwater, which exerts upward pressure on your pool. To prevent it from popping up or floating, keep the swimming pool filled with water. It provides the necessary force to keep the pool’s sides and bottom in place. After a hurricane warning sounds, ensuring your swimming pool is filled to the top protects its structural integrity.    

Check For Lanai Damages Ahead Of Time

Do you use your lanai a lot when visiting your seasonal home? It is a property investment worth protecting against hurricanes, so check for lanai damages ahead of time. Are all the fasteners and screens secured and fastened? If any exposed metal fittings are not weather-resistant, have them replaced as soon as possible. Is the foundation of the lanai showing cracks, or is the roof loose? Use handyman services or an expert service provider to make the necessary repairs.

How We Can Help With Hurricane Season In Palm Beach

How can Gardens Home Management Services create maximum protection for your home during hurricane season in Palm Beach? Our hurricane preparation services include inspecting your home inside and out to secure items such as patio furniture. We close all hurricane shutters and do what is necessary to protect your home. If you are a Home Watch client, you will receive a post-storm inspection and report as soon as it is safe.

Gardens Home Management Services is your home care professional in Palm Beach County. We have offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach and are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Do you need general handyman services or a reputable company for window washing? We can help. Are you preparing for hurricane season in Palm Beach? Contact Gardens Home Management Services today.