Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

As the 2015 hurricane season draws to a close, it’s once again a lucky thing that West Palm Beach was not hit. Since a hurricane has not actually hit Florida in 10 years, it is very fortunate that no major damage has been caused, but with traditional weather patterns changing and global warming playing havoc with trends, you never know when that lucky streak may run out.

Preparing your home for a hurricane is not a matter to be taken lightly. If your West Palm Beach home is one you vacate in hurricane season, it might be worth looking at a home management company that can take care of this for you. Prevention is always better (and cheaper) than a cure, so do what you can to prevent damage to your home. Steps taken to fortify your home against storm damage can also lead to insurance rebates.

A hurricane category is based on sustained wind speeds, with (1) being wind speeds of 74 to 95 mph, (2) 96 to 110, (3) 111 to 155, (4) 131 to 155 and category 5 storms achieving wind speeds of over 155 mph. A Hurricane Watch is typically issued 48 hours before the first occurrence of tropical storm force winds (39 mph). When you think of winds of those kinds of speeds tearing through your area, it’s not hard to imagine the damage they could cause to an unprotected home.

Hurricanes bring heavy rains, which can lead to storm surge flooding. A storm surge of just six inches of fast-moving water can knock over an adult, whilst only two feet of rushing water will carry away vehicles, including large trucks and SUVs. Storm surges are responsible for half of all the deaths caused by tropical storms.

With all these scary statistics, it’s time to ask if you have a hurricane plan in place.

Sign up for the Hurricane Preparedness program with Gardens Home Management

This experienced team has a Hurricane Command Center, which is fully stocked with safety equipment, supplies and resources needed to give you assurance before, during and after the storm. Once a Hurricane Watch is announced, they will inspect your home inside and out to take the necessary steps to defend your home. They will also conduct a post-storm inspection and give you full feedback. For ultimate peace of mind in hurricane season, contact Gardens Home Management for more information on securing your home and signing up for a plan.