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Although there is no real off-season in South Florida, property management for snowbirds heats up over the summer months.

It’s Hot In The City Tonight*

While summer in South Florida can be a beautiful and exciting time, it also comes with significant drawbacks:

  • The intense heat and high levels of humidity make outdoor activities uncomfortable or even dangerous.
  • Mosquitoes and other pests thrive in the warm and humid weather making time outside unpleasant.
  • The Atlantic hurricane season occurs June through November. Even without escalating to a full-blown hurricane, the severe tropical storms bring with them high winds, heavy rains, and strong waves.

*We’re not sure if Billy Idol was, in fact, referring to cities in Palm Beach County. But we’ll enjoy the earworm nevertheless!

Snowbirds Flock to Florida

Do you live in the northern parts of the United States and Canada, but spend the winter months in Florida to escape the cold and enjoy the warm weather?

Then you are in the right place!

Although Florida’s “snowbirds” are often retirees or semi-retirees who travel south for the winter, the term now refers to anyone who temporarily lives in Florida during the colder months including digital nomads and remote workers.

Snowbirds like you typically rent or own winter homes in the Sunshine State, staying for several months at a time. You are a significant part of Florida’s population – raising it by about 5 percent – and contribute to the state’s economy through your spending on housing, food, and entertainment.

As one of Florida’s snowbirds, you are probably gearing up to head back North to your summer residence. But, who is going to take care of your FL. property while you are gone?

What Should a Snowbird Home Watch Service in South Florida Include?

As the benchmark against which all other home watch services are measured, we at Garden Home Management Services include the following:

Peace of Mind

With professional snowbird property management and home watch services in South Florida, you can enjoy the next few months with absolute peace of mind that your Florida home’s safety, security, and upkeep are all being taken care of in your absence.

Leaving it up to chance will merely put your property at risk. Imagine returning from your trip to find your Florida vacation home or property damaged by a water leak or storm or with a faulty plumbing or air conditioning system.


Our GHMS team recognizes that each homeowner and their property have unique needs. So, we take the time to get to know you and understand your specific requirements and expectations. Professional home watch services in South Florida can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our objective is to ensure that your vacation is comfortable and enjoyable, with no distracting maintenance concerns. To achieve this, you can reach out to us at any time to request specific tasks to be performed during check-ins.

If you need any support, you can easily contact us through a phone call, email, or our online platform. We are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to assist you.


To keep your vacation home secure and prepared for your arrival, we conduct a full interior and exterior inspection every week.

Checking that everything is in working order and looking for any potential issues – including security, air conditioning, pool maintenance, electrical problems, and plumbing snags – means we can identify and resolve small problems before they become larger and more costly.

Your landscape can be tended to, your post collected, and your security system responded to if there is a problem. And in the event of damage or a required repair, we will let you know promptly and keep you updated.


  • General security and safety monitoring to protect your property from both man-made and natural threats.
  • Handyman services for minor and major repairs, such as plumbing and electrical issues, kitchen and bathroom renovations, etc.
  • Pool maintenance, spa upkeep, and larger projects like acid washing and resurfacing.
  • Landscaping and lawn care, including mowing, weed control, insect control, fertilization, and irrigation inspections and repairs.
  • Pressure cleaning the exterior of the building, window washing, house cleaning, and specialized carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning, golf cart, ARV, and car starting, battery maintenance, and detailing.

We aim to make you a lifelong client by delivering exceptional service and exceeding your expectations. These services not only keep your property well-maintained while you are away but also guarantee complete comfort during your stay.

Hurricane Preparation and Clean Up

During the storm, winds can reach up to 150 miles per hour and rain can fall in torrents, making it difficult to move around and potentially causing damage to buildings and homes. Power outages and flash flooding are also common during a hurricane.

Getting caught in a hurricane can be a traumatic experience. It’s important to follow the guidance of local authorities and take the necessary precautions to stay safe during a storm. The fear and uncertainty of what the hurricane might bring can cause stress and anxiety.

One of the major perks of a snowbird home watch service is that if a storm is approaching, and you don’t have enough time to get back, your home will be professionally hurricane-proofed. This involves securing loose objects outside and making sure windows and doors are properly reinforced. After a hurricane has passed, we will tackle the challenges of cleaning up and rebuilding on your behalf.

You will be provided with the status of your property prior to and after the storm.

Don’t take a chance with your Florida home. Let the home watch service professionals take care of your property while you can’t. If you would like more information and advice on how our property management for snowbirds can assist you, kindly contact us via email or telephone at Gardens Home Management Services today.