Gardens Home Management Services is a full-service home management company serving the finest communities in the Palm Beach region of South Florida.

GHMS Home Management Services

We know that keeping up with your property management duties can be a tiresome task when trying to do everything else. A modern lifestyle requires you to have your finger on the pulse all the time, but sometimes you just need a bit of help.

This is where Gardens Home Management Services affordable and expert home management services become of value. From Handyman and pool services to our Home Watch and housekeeping services, we work hard to add value to the lives and properties of our clients. We have a team of passionate professionals who are bonded, licensed, and insured to offer their expert services.

What our home management services offer

We will help you to keep on top of your house’s management and will provide you with all the services needed to really be able to do it all. Our interior home care and cleaning maid service will also help you to keep your home fresh and clean throughout the year. Pressure Cleaning is performed by experts who know how to get the best value out of the process.

Why do you need home management services?

Now that you have your beautiful dream home or vacation home, how will you maintain it? It is tough to look after a home if you are a snowbird/seasonal homeowner. You have so many things to worry about – from the upkeep to the security of your home when you are away. Home management services help you to keep your home looking beautiful and assist with the general upkeep of your home’s interior and exterior.  

Gardens Home Management Services does exactly this and so much more with our professional and comprehensive list of home management services. Created especially for homeowners who are away from home for long periods at a time, our home management solutions are expertly tailored to your home needs.

What is included in our home management services?

Gardens Home Management Services includes general home watch and maintenance services to our home management services, but we also offer everything from repairs and security. Here are other services we offer to help you to manage your vacant home:

  • Exterior and interior checks of your home to ensure that everything is working efficiently and there is no damage.

  • A full assessment of your home by licensed, bonded & insured specialists. If we find anything that needs to be repaired or maintained, we will inform you promptly and help you to take care of it, or direct you to our licensed contractors who can help you.

  • We use advanced home watch software so you receive the latest technology and even access to our app to manage your home.

  • 24/7 home security and armed services

  • A weekly detailed status report of your home after our weekly inspections.

  • Emergency weather response and hurricane and storm preparations

emergency telephone

Emergency Contact & Vacation Watch Program for Permanent Residents

Include GHMS as your emergency contact for your home while you are away or just at work.

Why choose our home management services?

Anything that can happen will – it’s best to be prepared than wait until it’s too late. Home management services such as the services offered at Gardens Home Management Services protects your home and takes care of little issues before it becomes costly problems. When you choose our home management, you not only receive a comprehensive list of services with experts at your disposal, but you receive comfort in knowing that your home is being taken care of 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Home management services checklist

Our trusted team of licensed, insured and bonded specialists do a walkthrough of your entire interior and exterior property. Here are some checks we look for or take of as part of our home management service:

  • Visual checks against signs of intrusions or break-ins. Don’t worry – if we find any signs of intrusion, we will take care of it as part of our security service.

  • Telephone line and electrical checks

  • Pipe and plumbing checks and repairs

  • Pest and rodent checks and signs of infestations

  • We check your landscape and garden – and get rid of those pesky weeds

  • We check your pool, spa, and sprinkler system

  • Storm damage check and repairs

Leave your home management to the professionals

Gardens Home Management Services has a seasoned team of friendly professionals dedicated to home management. Put your mind at ease knowing that your home is being taken care of by bonded, licensed, and insured teams with industry-leading home management solutions.

If you would like to explore our house management services and to find out how your household will benefit from partnering with us, then contact Gardens Home Management today.

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