Last Updated on July 31, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Are you a part-time Floridian who likes to head north for the summer? Then you will need to go through a home maintenance checklist to make sure your South Florida home is protected from the harsh summer weather.

The near-tropical climate in Florida can wreak havoc on a home if you aren’t properly prepared. Here are some key issues that you should look into before you take off on your snowbird adventure:

Humidity Control

The humidity in South Florida is around 30% to 50% in the summer. This can cause wood decking, furniture or finishing to deteriorate, it can lead to corrosion on electrical appliances and electronic equipment such as computers, and it can be a catalyst to mildew and mold growth.

Some preventative steps that you can take to combat the humidity include sealing your windows and doors, turning on your A/C system for a few hours every day, and using plastic covers to cover the vents in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Hurricane Preparedness

To limit damage in the event of a storm, turn off the main water supply, clean out gutters, and inspect the exterior of your home for any damage that needs to be fixed (such as vents, flashing around chimneys as well as windows and doors for cracks). You should also consider installing a water sensor that can alert you of any leaks in your home while you are away.

Take Photos

Severe weather patterns can lead to hurricanes and floods. Be sure to take photos of both the inside and outside your home. This will assist you if you need to submit insurance claims after a storm.

Hire a Home Maintenance Expert

Get a reputable company to come and check on your home once a week while you are away. At Gardens Home Management Services, we can take care of everything from your lawn and swimming pool to any handyman work that you need to be done. We also offer a HomeWatch service to make sure your South Florida property is protected at all times. Contact us for more information today.