Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

The time is here when snowbirds start thinking about heading home ! Before you leave your home for season, here are a few things to remember to do before you go!

1. Have the gardener trim all trees and shrubs around your house so we can easily access your water valve and shutters. This will also help prevent a bug issue!

2. Have your A/C serviced prior to your departure; when you are having this service done make sure that all filters have been changed to maximize your A/C. This will help cut down on your electric bill.

3. Put together a list of your departure instructions to send over to us if you have not already done so .

4. Send us your approximate departure date if you have not already done so .

5. Fill out the information sheet to let us know all of your vendors in case we need to contact someone while you are gone.

6. Please advise security that Gardens Home Management Services is your home-watch company.

7. Please call and put Gardens Home Management Services on your permanent list.

8. Empty your fridge of any perishables in case of a power outage

9. If you will be gone for the entire season, please call your internet and cable provider to have them put your account on vacation mode.

10. Make sure your gutters are clean of debris (call us we can help you with this task!)

11. Unplug your golf cart upon your departure and fill batteries with distilled water.

12. Unplug any TV’s, appliances or computers to avoid power surge issues.

13. Stop newspaper delivery if you have one.

Our goal is to help make your transition even smoother while you prepare to depart and once you are gone for season, so if there is anything that we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us!