Last Updated on August 1, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

When weather reports on a potential storm or hurricane are flooding in, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether you have the right hurricane protection plan in place or not. There are various things you need to do to ensure hurricane preparedness for your Delray Beach home and family. Below are a few tips on what you should be doing:

  • Ensure your insurance coverage reflects the current state of your home and make sure the coverage offered is sufficient.
  • Install and secure hurricane shutters.
  • Install head and foot bolts on doors.
  • Secure the roof to the walls with roof clips and straps.
  • Ensure all trees are cut back and that any diseased or damaged trees are removed as these can become airborne and cause serious damage.
  • Stock your own emergency survival kit. It is a good idea to have ready-to-eat supplies available for up to two weeks.
  • Have an evacuation plan in place and know where to go in order to get to higher ground. Having a “buddy” system with your neighbors can be a good idea.

It is important to make sure you have done everything possible to make your home and property less vulnerable to the negative effects of a hurricane or similar storm. It is advisable to take on the services of a professional hurricane preparedness team to ensure you are fully prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness Made Simple with the Help of Gardens Home Management Services

At Gardens Home Management Services in Delray Beach, we provide professional hurricane protection services where we will handle everything from property inspections before and after the storm to securing shutters and moving furniture. With the help of our team, your home will be in the best possible position to weather the storm.

To learn more about our hurricane protection services and what we can do for you and your property in Delray Beach, contact us at Gardens Home Management Services today.