Last Updated on July 31, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Spring is the perfect time to make sure everything in and around your property is in order. If you are scratching your head while looking at your home because you are not sure where to start, here are a few 2019 spring home maintenance ideas to put on your to-do list:

Deal With Critical Issues First

If you have plumbing or electrical problems, this should receive your immediate attention before you proceed to the other home maintenance tasks.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Leaves and debris can clog your gutters. Use a ladder to get up to the height of your gutters, make sure you are wearing safety gloves, and lift the leaves and debris out of the gutter before disposing it into a bag. Use a garden hose to clear out small debris that has been left behind in the gutters. If the gutter does not drain properly, feed the hose down to dislodge the stuck debris. Clear the roof of any remaining debris and clear the debris near the gutter’s outlet.

Check Attic Vents

Check attic vents for contamination and damaged screens. To test the attic power vent, lower the thermostat setting. Your attic’s temperature should be above the lowest setting of the power vent. Be careful to avoid touching the blades with your hands as the motor starts automatically. Cut the power if the vent needs any maintenance. This should ideally be handled by an electrician.

Check For Rodents

Inspect your home for any openings that could become an entry point for rodents, birds, and/or insects.

Check For Water Damage

Examine the soffits, the wall finish, and trim along the roof overhang for water stains or discoloration. Stains are usually an indication that the roofing material or flashing is in a poor condition, your gutters are leaking or that there are leaks in the roof edge.

At Garden Home Management Services we have affordable and professional property upkeep programs available that provide our clients with the services they need to keep their properties in top shape. Our team of seasoned, licensed, bonded and insured professionals works hard to help our clients make sure that their property maintenance is performed sufficiently. Contact us for home maintenance services in South Florida today.