Preparing yourself in advance for the danger of a hurricane can make you feel more relaxed during an emergency. Learn how to prepare for a hurricane here.

Prepare for Hurricanes

Think of hurricane season as Mother Nature’s reminder that she is in charge! While you cannot control when the havoc of a hurricane will hit, homeowners can have plans in place for the torrential storm surges, floods, power outages, and other disasters.

Part and parcel of living in picturesque Palm Beach County, Florida is preparing for hurricanes to minimize the potential damage. The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season begins.

Know your Hurricane Risk

Whether a hurricane makes landfall or stays miles off the coast, hurricane preparedness involves knowing the potential risks. The best way to mitigate damages is to anticipate the types of wind and water hazards that could happen and the chances of them happening:

  • Traditionally, hurricanes bring with them storm surges and rip currents along the coast, heavy rainfall and inland flooding, strong winds, and tornadoes.
  • Getting accurate updates and alerts from the National Hurricane Center is essential.
  • A hurricane watch refers to conditions likely to happen within the next 48 hours, whereas a hurricane warning predicts conditions expected within 36 hours.

Make an Emergency Plan

Have a plan in place and remind your household of it prior to hurricane season:

  • Decide on a meeting place for the family and plan who will be responsible for your pets. Your shelter room should be centrally located on the first floor of your home – free of windows and external doors.
  • Remember to turn off all utilities and move your vehicles to higher ground or against your garage doors.
  • Have an emergency kit ready, containing extra batteries, your cell phone and flashlight, a first aid kit, prescription meds, bottled water, and blankets, as well as cash and important documents such as insurance policies. 

Know your Evacuation Zone

To alleviate traffic jams and facilitate quick flight if necessary, Palm Beach County has designated evacuation zones. Familiarize yourself with your evacuation route to shelter facilities and practice a dry run with your family and pets.

Your local emergency managers work closely with state and local authorities to offer the latest recommendations and safety measures. Heed their evacuation orders, warnings, and guidance.

Let Gardens Home Management help you weather the storm before, during and after the hurricane hits. When we prepare for a hurricane, your home is professionally secured for peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.