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Does owning a vacation home in Boca Raton sound appealing? Especially as the end of summer looms, escaping the cold months to enjoy warmer weather and sunshine year-round just makes sense! 🌞

Boca Raton and Snowbirds

Why not join the approximately 900,000 seasonal residents who stay a month or more in Florida during an average winter? People who own a second home in warmer climates are often called “snowbirds.” Snowbirds usually vacate their primary residence and head south for the winter.

There are many benefits to owning a vacation home. Yes, it provides you with a relaxing escape during the colder months of the year. But you can also enjoy your second residence at other times during the year. Many people use their vacation homes as vacation destinations or retreat locations for family gatherings or getaways.

About Boca Raton

Located in Palm Beach County, the city of Boca Raton is right on the Atlantic Ocean Coast. Despite its position in Florida’s wealthiest county, Boca Raton boasts a low cost of living. That, together with its excellent school system, attracts both retirees and young families.

If you imagine a tropical paradise to include sunny skies, pristine beaches, and clear, blue water, Boca fits the bill. Moreover, Boca Raton offers a variety of activities and entertainment options for your family to enjoy during their visit:

  • Red Reef Park
  • Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  • Sugar Sand Park
  • Daggerwing Nature Center
  • Spanish River Park
  • Coconut Cove Waterpark
  • Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse
  • Sports Immortals Museum
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art
  • Costume Museum at The Wick Theater
  • Town Center at Boca Raton
  • Mizner Park Shopping, and so much more.

Add to that a low crime rate, and it’s no wonder Boca Raton is such a popular destination. But that’s not all! Consider the convenient, central location of Boca:

  • Fort Lauderdale, with superb beaches, arts and culture, and miles of shopping spots, is 20 miles away. Expect a drive of 29 minutes on the I-95 South Highway.
  • Miami is known for its water-based recreational activities, fashion design and exclusive boutiques, and fine-dining establishments. The 47 miles to get there will take you just under an hour.
  • Orlando is 200 miles away, or 2 hours and 46 minutes on the I-95 South Highway. Take in Disney World Orlando, Universal Studios Orlando, and a multitude of other family-friendly activities.
  • The Palm Beach International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Fort Lauderdale International Airport are all just 40 minutes away.

Things Only People from Boca Raton Understand

If you have decided that Boca Raton is the ideal location for your non-primary home, the first thing you must do is drop the “Raton”*! Fit in as a local quickly by memorizing these quirks that only people from Boca understand:

  • No matter that BR is 1,243 miles from the Yankee Stadium, root for the Yankees. Because so many New Yorkers are Boca snowbirds, it is the adopted side for locals to support.
  • Act nonchalant when a seemingly endless stream of flashy cars drive down Palmetto Park Road and others. From Lamborghinis and Ferraris to G-wagons and Bentleys – the roads of Boca boast them all.
  • What’s more, the combination of fast cars and an elderly population makes driving in Boca a challenge.
  • *This makes sense when you learn that Spaniards discovered this gem of a place. In Spanish, Boca Raton translates to “Mouth of the Rat🐀 Additionally, Raton is pronounced, “Reton”.

GHMS Home Care Services for Snowbirds

While owning a vacation home is an enjoyable experience for many people, there are a few considerations that should be made prior to purchasing a vacation home. One of the most common concerns is leaving your Boca Raton home vacant during the summer.

GHMS provides the solution. For your peace of mind, we offer:

Get in touch with the accommodating team of experts at Garden Home Management Services. With over 35 years of experience, you can rest assured that your vacation home in Boca Raton will be well-taken care of until (and during) your next stay.