Last Updated on July 29, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

To insure the well-being of your family and home, Home Services through one of our “Preferred Vendors”, is offering the Sentricon Colony Elimination System to control Subterranean Termites. This system uses no harsh chemicals to kill termites and won’t contaminate the ground water. It uses chitin synthesis inhibitors to control these insects and has no secondary effects to humans. This system has been researched at 30 universities and is proven to eliminate termites not just deter them from eating your home. There is no drilling into the foundation or floors and walls within the home. They don’t pump hundreds of gallons of chemical solutions around your foundation. The system can be installed within 30 minutes so there is no scheduling hassle. Only authorized Sentricon operators can install and maintain the system.

To control Drywood Termites, Bora-care is used. This product is comprised of borates which will dehydrate the insects. There are many benefits to using this product. It not only controls termites, it is also a wood preservative and helps to combat fungus, other crawling insects, and wood damaging beetles. This product will be applied in a liquid form to all accessible wood surfaces located in the attic where these insects begin to forage after swarming from other areas.

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*Thanks to Nozzle Nolen for sharing these tips.