Last Updated on December 12, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

Home Watch in North Palm Beach can be incredibly tricky if you find yourself having to do a lot of travelling for work. By getting in touch with Home Watch and hiring a professional to keep an eye on your home, you can guarantee that your property will remain in pristine condition throughout the year. Below we’ll take a closer look at some of the Home Watch services offered by our team in Palm Beach:

  • General security is always a massive concern for homeowners who may find themselves travelling for extended periods of time. The Home Watch team members employed by Gardens Home Management Services work tirelessly in carrying out security assessments of your property in order to ensure that your belongings are kept safe while you’re away.
  • Maintenance checks are of considerable importance, especially when a homeowner is away for more than a month. The Palm Beach Home Watch team carries out extensive inspections in order to ensure that all plumbing, air conditioning, heating, electrical and security systems are functioning exactly as they should.
  • Long-time Florida residents will be all too familiar with the threat of extreme weather systems. The professional team at Home watch is able to quickly and effectively carry out emergency preparations in the event that a tropical weather system starts moving in.
  • Ensuring that pest problems are dealt with before they become an infuriating and often expensive problem.

Calling on Professional Home Watch Specialists

We ensure that only fully licensed, bonded and insured Homewatch experts assist clients. Contact the Homewatch team here at Gardens Home Management Services today and learn more about our outstanding range of services offered to our Palm Beach clients.