A handyman services homeowners by taking care of a wide range of maintenance work, typically for both interior and exterior of the home. The broad term is used because there are so many home improvement odd jobs that form part of their repertoire.

But too wide a definition can sometimes be confusing. So let us take a closer look by answering three of the most frequently asked questions Garden Home Management Services gets regarding our handypersons:

What Does a Handyman Do?

This question should rather be, what doesn’t a handyman do?

More often than not, rather of paying for a single service, homeowners hire a handyman for a set length of time and ask them to tackle a list of tasks. Here is a list of some handyman jobs:

Installation of shelf, locks, and fixtures. Fix your toilet or replace light bulbs. Gutter cleaning and repair work on your driveways, decks, and fences.

Handymen aren’t limited to the services they advertise. They’ll most likely comply with any request, from painting your mailbox to rescuing your cat from the tree. Handymen are hardworking jack of all trades who genuinely love their work.


A handyman’s competency is determined by two factors: what they are confident undertaking and what trade skills they are licensed to perform. Yes, handyman licensing is a thing – and an important item to check when you are looking to hire someone to do your home repairs.

The different licensing requirements determine the line between handyman and contractor.


Large renovations, demolition work, and other potentially risky activities should only be done by a licensed contractor.

Contractors and handypersons often work in tandem:

Plumbing: a contractor will install faucets and showers while a handyman deals with a leaky faucet.

Electrical work: while a contractor connects ceiling fans and light fixture, the handyman will check and change the bulbs.

Carpentry: a handyman may do minor drywall repair, leaving the construction of porches and patios to a contractor.

We leverage the strength of teamwork to complete any assignment quickly and carefully. Give Garden Home Management Services a call today and let our handyman services get started with crossing off your to-do list.