Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

Do you have a vacation home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? You might have questions on Home Watch services that will give you peace of mind when you are away from your summer property. Gardens Home Management Services offers tailored home management packages to help protect your home. Let’s discuss the top six questions people have about Home Watch services in Palm Beach Gardens.  

What Services Are Included During Hurricane Season?

Gardens Home Management Services is there for you before, during and after a hurricane. When you sign up for our Hurricane Preparedness program, we will inspect your home inside and outside to secure furniture, close hurricane shutters, and prepare your house for the coming storm. Once the storm passes, we do a post-storm inspection and provide you with a report on the status of your property. Our contractors and staff are available to assist homeowners with any work or repairs required once it is declared safe.

Do You Include Security With Your Home Watch Service

One of the wide variety of services offered by Gardens Home Management Services is general security, including emergency response to any security system alarms. When we do our weekly Home Watch inspection, we attend to the following security matters inside and outside the home.

  • Walk the entire property exterior
  • Look for signs of intrusion
  • Check for broken windows and report them
  • Check mail and bring it indoors together with any packages or other items left at the door
  • Check that doors and windows are locked
  • Ensure the alarm is working correctly.

What Are The Benefits of a Home Watch Service for My Vacation Home

Peace of mind is one of the main benefits of using the Home Watch service offered by Gardens Home Management Services for your vacation home. Every week, someone will walk around your property and inspect the inside and outside of your house. Once this inspection is completed, you receive a report with pictures and the completed checklist. As your pool and pool equipment are included in this inspection, it will be working well when you choose to visit your vacation home.

What Happens If a Problem Is Picked Up During The Home Watch Inspection

When the specialists used by Gardens Home Management Services for the weekly Home Watch inspection pick up a problem at your home, it will be noted in the checklist and report. A picture of the problem will also be included. Issues that need urgent attention, such as electrical and plumbing problems, or broken windows, will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Our preferred service providers can attend to urgent repairs upon your request.    

What Accreditation or Certification Should The Home Watch Company Have?

Gardens Home Management Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. We have one of the highest limits of insurance in the homecare industry. As a company, we also ensure our contractors are insured and verify their licensing.  

What Other Services Are Included in The Home Watch Service?

Besides the weekly inspection Gardens Home Management Services offers as part of our Home Watch service, we also include the following: 

As part of our general security services, we supervise authorized third parties such as contractors and realtors when they need to access your home.   

Gardens Home Management Services Provides Peace of Mind

Why add the stress of worrying about your vacation home to your day, when Gardens Home Management Services can lighten the burden for you? Your summer home is an asset to be enjoyed with your family and loved ones. As Gardens Home Management Services, we want to simplify our customers’ lives and take the burden of property management and maintenance away. We will manage your vacation home and ensure our maintenance contractors work to the highest standards. Your peace of mind is our purpose.  

Gardens Home Management Services serve the communities of Palm Beach County, Florida. We offer various home maintenance and management services, including housekeeping, pool maintenance, and handyman services. Gardens Home Management Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. If you have any questions on Home Watch services, contact us today.