Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

Estate management services in Delray Beach are beneficial to the whole community, as vacant properties can be a risk to the owners and the surrounding environment. The city offers so much to vacation homeowners. Do you take a bicycle ride to the beach or stroll downtown Delray for the wonderful music? Maybe you are passionate about pickleball and spend hours at the tennis center? Whatever fun activity you enjoy when visiting Delray Beach, there is someone to look after your vacation home when you leave. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of using estate management services and what Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) offers owners of properties.     

Reduces Risk Of Break-Ins

The Florida Attorney General’s Office has several suggestions for preventing break-ins, including keeping the garage door closed when you are away and using a timer to turn interior lights on and off at varying intervals. Another recommendation is for homeowners to engrave valuables such as microwaves and stereos with their driver’s license number.

 When you appoint Gardens Home Management for estate management services, we do weekly inspections that serve as an additional layer of security. Our comprehensive home service plan offers customized services adapted to your needs, including a mail cleanup, checking the light timers, and ensuring the garage door is locked. It makes the house look “lived-in”, reducing the chances of theft or break-ins.

Damages Are Noticed In-Time

What kind of roof tiling does your Delray Beach vacation home have? Do you have a metal roof, clay or concrete tiles? Many houses have clay tile roofs as they are fade resistant and looks good for a long time. They are also highly resistant to strong winds, storms and hurricanes. The downside, however, is that clay tiles crack easily from falling debris. Regular inspections of your home’s interior and exterior by Gardens Home Management will pick up signs of water leaks due to cracked tiles, before it causes serious damage. 

One of our additional services are pest control, including attic sanitizing and sealing, fire ant control and a monthly rodent control service. Although done at additional costs, when damage caused by pests are noticed in-time, the destruction can be limited.     

Keep Your Lawn Tidy And Your Pool Clean

A hot day in Delray Beach is the perfect time to sit on your patio and watch the kids jump into the swimming pool after playing ball on the lawn. Installing a swimming pool is an investment, and since you erected a “child fence”, as required by the City of Delray Beach, both deserve to be looked after when you are away. You will never have a dirty pool when you return to your vacation home, if you use the estate management services of Gardens Home Management. We will do all the required pool maintenance and keep the lawn tidy. 

It Can Be An Insurance Requirement Taken Care Of

Does your insurance company require you to take care of your second home in Delray Beach in your absence? Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) has fully licensed, bonded and insured professional teams to look after your property. By using our estate management services, you have access to reputable vendors and contractors for maintenance. GHMS will send you a weekly electronic report that is date and time-stamped, where we report on our findings and show all completed services. If anything needs to be taken care of or repaired, we provide you with a quote and attend to the matter as soon as it is approved.   

Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) is your home care professional serving communities in Delray Beach. Did you know you can use a freshen-up service for your vacation home? It ensures the house is dust-free and pleasant smelling when you arrive after traveling for so long. Have you considered using estate management services in Delray Beach? Contact Gardens Home Management Services today.