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When you visit your Palm Beach vacation home, the last thing you want to be faced with is repairs and maintenance tasks. Unfortunately your vacation home won’t remain in pristine condition, ready to provide you with all the comforts you are used to, without an ongoing maintenance and care strategy in place. If you don’t have permanent staff members to assist and you are unable to carry out regular maintenance checks and tasks yourself, it’s best to hire a home watch service to cater to the upkeep of your home.

While you are away, unexpected problems can present themselves include pest infestations, security breaches, breakages due to debris and surrounding trees, mold and mildew growth, faulty air conditioners, leaky faucets and even dirty pool / spa and untidy landscape due to lack of care. All of these issues might seem small on their own but can be time consuming and inconvenient to rectify during your vacation time. It is vitally important to have your vacation home inspected on a weekly basis to prevent any serious damage that can result from the above mentioned issues as well as power outages, appliance malfunctions and similar.

Benefits of a Home Watch Service for Your Vacation Home

  • Monthly reports are provided advising on potential problems detected and proposed solutions. This ensures that you receive accurate information on your property during your absence.
  • Regular property visits can minimize the occurrence of damage to your property as maintenance concerns can be tended to early on, before they become unmanageable.
  • With regular visits, your property will not be a prime target for intruders.
  • General maintenance and repair tasks can be carried out on an ongoing basis on your behalf. Your vacation home will thus be ready for you to enjoy during your vacation time.

At Gardens Home Management Services we offer an all-inclusive home watch service that offers both interior and exterior home care as follows:

  • Thorough exterior perimeter property check to ensure security.
  • Visual inspection and reporting on landscape condition, broken sprinkler heads, cleanliness of swimming pool and spa, storm damage, intrusion, nearby pest infestation, damaged windows, mold and mildew growth and garden debris.
  • Collection of mail and packages for safe storage indoors.
  • Listening for and reporting of any unusual noises from equipment including the air conditioners, swimming pool equipment and more.
  • Checking of interior doors and windows to ensure no intruders have gained entry and to ensure that they are always locked and secured.
  • Testing and activating / monitoring of the security systems in place.
  • Ensuring all heating and cooling systems are operational and that the water heater has the correct setting.
  • Thorough inspection of the home’s interior for potential water leaks, mildew growth, pest infestations, broken windows and disconnected telephone service and similar.

Of course optional services are available on request – we believe in fully customizing our client’s experience with us.

Gardens Home Management Services Provides Professional Home Watch Services for Vacation Homes in Palm Beach

To ensure the overall good upkeep and security of your property, make sure that you have home care provisions in place. At Gardens Home Management Services we provide professional home watch services to the Palm Beach and surrounding community. We will handle all of your property needs from collecting mail and packages to ensuring that all of your home appliances are working and your swimming pool and landscape are kept in pristine condition.

For a full run down of our home watch services in Palm Beach, contact us via email or telephone at Gardens Home Management Services today.