Last Updated on January 11, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Maintaining a home in the South Florida area can be a challenge, especially if you are using your home as a seasonal escape from the cold up north. The problems occurring at homes always happen at the least convenient time, making it easy to put off or ignore the on-going maintenance required to keep your home in good condition.

There are a lot of advantages to keeping your home properly maintained, the obvious one being you get to live in a fully functional and pleasing space. So often, people spend an enormous amount of money and energy repairing and restoring a neglected home to its former condition, only to sell it a short while later, thus never getting to enjoy the work they put in, or paid for. Keeping your home in pristine condition adds to its value, so if you decide to put your home on the market, it will be easier to sell, as well as fetching a realistic market value.

For seasonal residents, or ‘snowbirds’ as they’re sometime known, it can be difficult to co-ordinate and manage the maintenance process from a distance. Fortunately, there are a number of home management companies out there who would love to handle this for you. With services ranging from garden and pool cleaning, house cleaning (even mattress cleaning), pest control and handyman services, all your maintenance requirements can be taken care of, with the minimum of fuss.

Use Gardens Home Management Services to keep your Boca Raton home in top condition

This experienced and trustworthy company offer a host of services to take care of your every need. Using only licenced, bonded and insured contractors, you can feel confident that any work carried out on your home will be done timeously and to a highly satisfactory level. With HomeWatch, a weekly inspection is conducted of your property, to identify any problems or maintenance issues, like water damage, leaks, faulty heating or cooling systems, pest invasions, even preparations to secure your home in the event of a hurricane. With a team like this looking after your interests, you can rest assured your home will remain in tip-top condition. Why don’t you find out how Gardens Home Management can make your life easier?