Part of the appeal of Palm Beach Gardens is the vast swathes of emerald green lawns and gardens. It comes as no surprise that the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) located their headquarters here.

According to the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, Palm Beach Gardens falls into Zones 8 to 9. This means that, as we approach the official midpoint of winter on February 2, the chance of frost is meager even though February is known for its unpredictable weather and the odd surprise late frost. Despite that, the excitement of the growing season is what we can look forward to.

Here is the Gardens Home Management Services team of qualified landscape contractors’ lawn and garden to-do list for February:

Shrubs and Trees

Monitor the protection of tender trees and shrubs in case of a freeze.

Prune the swelling buds of your roses. Unless they are winterized, in which case they will stay covered until the possibility of hard frost has passed.

Clip trees or shrubs that suffered damage during winter storms.

Plant bare-root trees, shrubs, and roses.

Bulbs and Perennials

Scrutinize your stored bulbs biweekly. Check for tender bulbs that are starting to look withered and lightly mist their packing medium while discarding any rotten bulbs.

Be optimistic and look for signs of the coming spring like early bulb sprouts.

Prune only Group B and C clematis vines. (Group A clematis vines should bloom on buds formed at the end of last season.)

If required, mow ornamental grasses.

Start planting ornamental grasses, summer-flowering bulbs, and perennials.

Not only is our landscaping service gearing up for spring, but our Home Watch Service – consisting of weekly inspections by our fully licensed, bonded & insured specialists – ensures that your second home in Palm Beach is a beautiful sanctuary away from stress. For more information, contact us without delay.