Every winter, Florida welcomes “snowbirds” from the northern parts of the country, who migrate to the Sunshine state for the cold months to enjoy our beautiful, hospitable weather. Then, once the warm weather makes its return, they head back, often leaving their Florida residences to stand empty – or for limited lease renting – until they return in a year’s time. This is where a good homewatch services company can come in very handy.

If you are one of these, then you probably have varying degrees of anxiety about the maintenance and condition of your Florida home while you are out of state. Wouldn’t it be great if you could entrust the care of your house to a certified home management company that will not only keep an eye on it, but also keep it in top shape until the next time you come back?

The Perfect Spring, Summer and Fall Caretakers

Gardens Home Management Services offers many services to homeowners in the Boynton Beach area. One of these is a complete, seasonal homewatch service that helps you maintain your peace of mind  in your main residence up north, while fully licensed, bonded, and insured home care specialists check in on your house on a regular basis, carefully checking all aspects of the building’s condition, as well as checking that it remains secure.

Many buildings need winter caretakers. In contrast, we are spring, summer, and fall caretakers, who can watch your home as if it’s our own and care for it with the expertise that comes with years of professional home management experience.

Spring Home Maintenance and Checks

Our committed staff at Gardens Home Management Services believes spring is a time of rejuvenation. We make sure your Florida house is prepared for the arrival of the warmer months as your springtime caregivers. This is the method we use:

  1. External Maintenance: Any wear and tear from the hard Florida winter can be taken care of in the spring. We examine the outside of your property, looking for signs of damage, loose siding, and problems with the roof. Our staff will arrange any upkeep or repairs required to keep your house in shape.
  2. Landscaping: Get your landscaping refreshed for the new season by hiring our professionals. In addition to planting seasonal flowers and trimming bushes and trees, we’ll ensure your lawn is lush and healthy. When you return, your house looks magnificent and has been expertly planted.
  3. Pool Maintenance: We’ll make sure your pool is prepared for the summer swimming season. To ensure your pool is secure and transparent, we provide cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment inspections as part of our pool care services.
  4. Pest Control: Pests tend to come out of hibernation in spring. Your house will be safe from intruders thanks to our pest control services. To maintain your property free of pests, we’ll look for any indications of infestations and take preventative action.
  5. HVAC Maintenance: We’ll check and service your HVAC system to ensure it operates effectively before the summer heat arrives. Properly maintaining your HVAC system helps it last longer and lowers energy costs.

Summer Home Maintenance and Checks

Florida summers can be pretty hot, so having caregivers aware of this time of year’s particular difficulties is crucial. Here’s how Gardens Home Management Services maintains the best possible condition for your house throughout the summer:

  1. Air Conditioning: We prioritize your comfort. Our staff can check on the temperature in your home and make necessary thermostat adjustments. We’ll also do routine maintenance on your air conditioning system to avoid unplanned malfunctions on the warmest days.
  2. Hurricane Preparedness: Hurricanes are a concern in the summer. We make sure your house is ready for inclement weather. We take the required precautions to safeguard your property, from erecting hurricane shutters to locking down outdoor furnishings.
  3. Pool Maintenance: We continue to provide all-inclusive pool care throughout the summer, including routine cleaning, chemical analyses, and equipment upkeep.
  4. Home Security: To ensure your property is safe and secure, we maintain your home security system and conduct routine checks.
  5. Concierge Services: Utilizing our concierge services is highly recommended during summer. We can help with your needs, including package delivery, mail forwarding, and scheduling maintenance and repairs.

Fall Home Maintenance and Checks

In addition to providing relief from the summer heat, fall is an excellent time to prepare your Florida house for winter. Among the fall care services we offer are:

  1. Roof and Gutter Inspection: We look for damage or debris accumulation on your roof and gutters. Gutter cleaning is crucial to avoiding water damage during Florida’s sporadic periods of intense precipitation.
  2. Lawn & Landscape Upkeep: As fall caretakers, we continue to look after your landscaping, ensuring it stays in excellent shape.
  3. Pest Control: We offer an additional round of pest control to handle any seasonal pest problems and stop infestations during the colder months.
  4. HVAC Check: To ensure your HVAC system is ready for winter operation, we comprehensively inspect it before the temperature drops.
  5. Home Inspection: Before you go back for the winter, our staff does a thorough home inspection to find out what needs to be fixed.

What Do We Do While You’re Away?

For starters, we visit the property regularly and check the interior and exterior, inspecting everything from electricity and plumbing to landscaping and security. We can even provide 24-hour emergency responses to alarm activations. If anything needs fixing, we have an excellent network of reputable service providers we can call on to do repairs. Whatever we do, we will send you regular reports to let you know what is happening on your property.

Go ahead and give yourself peace of mind with our professional homewatch services. Contact us for more information.