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It is sensible to prepare your unoccupied home for hurricane season. Whether you own a beach house or have a second home in a residential community, protecting your property is essential. There are many resources to help the people of Florida prepare for hurricane season. If you live in Palm Beach County, a dedicated hurricane planning page is available. A national public service campaign, Ready, provides practical advice on various emergencies, including hurricanes.

If you have a second residence in Boca Raton, there are steps you can take to protect your unoccupied home for hurricane season. Here is a checklist to help you prepare.    

Hurricane Checklist for Your Unoccupied Home

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season. What must you attend to in preparation for this season’s storms?

Roofing Inspection

Hurricane winds create strong uplift forces that can raise your home’s roof. And without a roof, the contents of your home are at risk. A roofing inspection will show if there are cracked or missing tiles to be replaced, or loose sections on a metal roof. During a roofing inspection, hurricane roof tie-down straps, otherwise known as hurricane clips, should also be checked. These clips help keep the roof attached to the house but can be used throughout the building.  

Clearing Gutters

Why must you clear the gutters of your home? Clean roof gutters, in good condition, limit the amount of water that might seep into your home during a storm. Remove leaves and other debris from the roof before cleaning the gutters. Look at the condition of the roof gutters, and if there are any loose or rusted areas, have them repaired.   


It is possible to plant a more hurricane-friendly garden, and one way to do this is to plant wind-resistant trees. Also, plant large trees away from the house, power lines, and other buildings. Managing your property’s landscaping can play a role in keeping your home safe. Trim back branches hanging over the roof or close to windows. Remove any dead materials from the garden to prevent them from becoming projectiles during high winds.     

Storm Shutters

While preparing your property for hurricane season, remember to check the storm shutters for your glass doors and windows. Make sure they are still in good condition before installation. If you need new shutters and want a light, durable but strong material, consider aluminum storm shutters. In some counties, codes require storm shutters to be removed within a certain period after the area is declared safe. 

Secure Garage Door

An unoccupied home in hurricane season also needs to have its garage doors secured, as they are generally not designed to hold up to strong winds, even when closed. Install hurricane braces made from heavy-duty aluminum or steel to keep your garage doors secure.   

Outdoor Furniture

Lovely as outdoor furniture is to use in the summer, it can become a hazard during hurricane season in Boca Raton. Store outdoor chairs, couches, tables and the grill safely away. Even the dog house needs to be moved to safety. If you have garden statues that are not securely bolted into the ground, consider moving them.

How Gardens Home Management Services Can Help

Gardens Home Management Services offers a Hurricane Preparedness program to clients, which provides reassurance during hurricane season. When a Hurricane Watch is announced, our team moves out to members’ homes. We close hurricane shutters, secure all outside items, and do everything necessary to protect your home from the effects of the hurricane. Once it is safe to move around, a post-storm inspection report will be sent to clients of Gardens Home Management Services.  

Gardens Home Management Services offers home maintenance and management services to seasonal homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton. Are you concerned about your vacation home when you are away? Gardens Home Management Services can help with handyman services and landscape maintenance. Let someone attend to your unoccupied home during hurricane season. Contact us today.