Last Updated on January 11, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Are you looking for a reliable maintenance service for your Palm Beach vacation home? Gardens Home Management services will give your vacation home all the love and care it needs, all year around. The worst thing is to get to your vacation home, ready to relax, and find that the pool is broken or the patio is filthy. Find out how we can ensure your vacation is ready whenever you are.

Maintenance services all year around

When you leave your vacation home unoccupied for long stretches of time, it’s easy to miss the telltale signs that repairs and maintenance need to be done. By getting the help of a professional maintenance service, you can rest assured that all repairs will be taken care of, even when you’re not there.

Pool and spa services are particularly important, as pools need year-round attention, even when they’re not in use. Pools are exposed to the elements. This means leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris will always make their way inside, even if the pool is covered. Algae also grow in a pool where the water isn’t treated on a regular basis. So, if you leave it for a few weeks you will come back to a dirty, bright green pool filled with insect larvae and even mosquitoes. Gardens Home Management offer a full range of pool repair and maintenance services, including vacuuming, acid washing, the balance of chemicals, and more.

Going to be away for an extended time? Our full Home Watch service is the complete package for taking care of your home away from home. Homes that are left unoccupied can be prime targets for burglaries… Therefore, our service includes security and emergency response to your home alarm. We will also take care of any pest problems, water leaks, maintaining the heat and cooling systems, and much more. Think of us as your home’s babysitter, ensuring you have a perfect vacation home to come and relax in whenever you like.

Find out why you should choose Gardens Home Management services

When you just want to switch off and take a break in your vacation home, the last thing you have on your mind is phoning multiple companies to take care of all the areas in your home. Gardens Home Management is a one-stop shop, with a team of experienced professionals that can handle anything. For reliable service, look no further. Contact us today for more information.