Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Have you been looking into Home Watch services in Boca Raton? Did you buy a vacation home and had a lovely few months in Florida but need to return home, and you are unsure whether to get a house-sitting service or arrange for property watch services? We discuss the benefits and risks of these two services so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits Of A Home Sitter

One of the main benefits of a house sitter is that they live in your home full-time. There is less risk of burglary as lights go on and off at random times and there is a car in the drive. Did you bring your dogs to Florida but cannot take them with you as you are leaving for a work trip directly from Boca Raton? You know that animals prefer to stay at home where they feel comfortable, and everything carries the smells they are accustomed to. With a sitter, your animals are looked after in their own home, where everything is familiar.  

Risks Of A Home Sitter

Even when you select a home sitter vetted by a reputable company, there are several risks to contracting a house sitter. Very few sitters are able or willing to stay in a vacation home for several months. Because it is only one person, they might be called away suddenly for a family emergency without arranging for someone else to take over, leaving your property at risk. A home sitter is also not generally responsible for maintenance issues that arise during their stay. You will have to make the necessary arrangements from a distance, and cannot be sure of the quality of the service being delivered.  

Benefits Of A Home Watch Service

Seasonal homeowners that don’t want to leave a property vulnerable to burglaries or property damage caused by an insect infestation, will find appointing a Home Watch service beneficial. This type of service normally offers continuous home inspections with alerts to issues needing attention.  

Home Watch service providers often have access to professional services for any maintenance issues found on a property they cannot resolve themselves. It should give seasonal homeowners peace of mind knowing someone is taking excellent care of their home, swimming pool and garden. Another benefit to using a Home Watch service from a reputable, local company is their knowledge of the local environment. In Florida, this is especially important during hurricane season.    

Risks Of A Home Watch Service

One of the risks of an average Home Watch service lies in its systems. If the same property is visited on a regular basis but on the same day and at the same time, burglars doing surveillance will notice. The fact that your vacation home is visited only once a week is also a risk, but that can be alleviated by building good relationships in the community. When neighbors are familiar with your Home Watch service provider, they will alert them of suspicious activity. Before selecting a company for Home Watch services in Boca Raton, ask neighbors and the company for references.  

We Offer Professional Home Watch Services

At Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS), we offer professional Home Watch services executed by fully licensed, bonded, and insured specialists that live in Palm Beach County. We do weekly inspections where we walk around the exterior of your home looking for property damage, then a visual inspection of the interior for, amongst other things, leaks and security issues. You will receive weekly reports stating when we visited your home, accompanied photos and the completed checklist. 

As part of our Home Watch service, GHMS looks for: 

  • Weather and water damage
  • Pest problems
  • Landscaping, pool and spa maintenance issues
  • Electrical and plumbing issues
  • Air conditioning problems
  • General security.

Are you researching home care professionals in Palm Beach County? Did you buy a vacation home in Boca and want to ensure it is looked after when you return to your primary residence? For Home Watch services in Boca Raton, contact Gardens Home Management Services today.