Last Updated on January 11, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Many people put a lot of time, effort, planning and saving into buying a vacation home. It’s a large investment and one that is set to provide you and your family with lots of enjoyment.

The worst thing that can happen is getting a call about massive maintenance issues or from the local police saying that your property was burgled. A home watch service can be contracted to conduct regular inspections to ensure that your vacation home is kept in top condition all year around.

When you hire Gardens Home Management Services, fully licensed, bonded and insured Home Watch specialists will conduct weekly meetings to check everything from your plumbing and electrical system to general security, signs of water damage and pool maintenance. We can ensure that third parties, who have been authorized by you, have access to your home when needed, as well as emergency response to any security system alarms.

The South Florida area is such a popular vacation spot that home watch services have become a crucial investment for many people who own properties here. Whether you are retired, semi-retired or regularly travel to your vacation home to make the most of the seasonal changes, we will help you rest assured that someone is keeping an eye on your investment.

Besides taking care of your home all year round, we can also serve as your single point of contact for all types of home maintenance services such as landscaping, pest control, mattress cleaning, handyman, and other services.

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