Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Gardens Home Management Services

Sorry to have to send this email so early in the hurricane season!!

Two days ago the track of the storm was to the south of us; however, this morning when I woke up the storm had turned to the north and our area could be affected. We are watching the path and predictions closely, but as we all know the meterologists can be wrong and bear no consquences when they are. At this time we are asking if you have outdoor furniture that you will want put inside to let our office know by 5:00 PM so we can ensure the furniture gets secured for the possibility of a storm.

We need to know this so we can organize and mobilize crews as we are heading into a holiday weekend. If the storm were to hit, would start affecting the area Sunday night which meanas we are working all weekend to get things closed up. We cannot wait any longer than this. If the predicitions change and stronger winds are predicted tonight, we will automatically start closing accordion shutters unless we hear from you otherwise. I do not see the reason to put up aluminum panels if your home falls into this category. I will be sending another communication tonight when the 8:00 PM update from the National Hurricane Center comes out.

For more information on the track of the storm & predictions please click here.