Last Updated on July 2, 2021 by Gardens Home Management Services

Tropical Storm Elsa is predicted to start affecting our area early Monday Morning. We do not know the severity of the storm but per all the computer models and  information we are receiving it will only be a tropical storm and we may experience winds up to 60 miles per hour.  Of course things can change but that is the prediction and the one we are working off of. Since this is the case we will not be closing accordion shutters at homes unless requested . If you would like us to close your accordion shutters please email us back immediately as we are going into a holiday weekend. All requests to secure furniture will be taken care of today as we have 4 crews out taking care of this. 

As this is a holiday weekend we ask that you email us no later than  3:00 PM so we can coordinate staff to take care of requests. If the meteorologists are wrong and change the forecast Saturday night we will not be able to act quick enough. EVERY prediction to this point has been that that storm will only be a tropical storm thus our approach to the storm

Honestly it would just be easier to close all homes so everyone is secure but there are many community associations will not allow you to close accordions unless there is a hurricane watch/warning posted and we do not want to jump the gun and close when it might not be necessary and spend your money when it does not need to be spent.  We are in a very difficult situation as we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t place at this moment.

The good thing is that it is our job to worry about your home and it’s care.  That is exactly what we have been doing and have been watching this storm closely and all the hours spent preparing for the storm make a difference so we are organized to jump into action.  These emails are not to get anyone nervous. They are sent to keep everyone informed and communicated to so you know what is occurring in the area while you are out of state. As you can imagine it is a very busy time.  

Please see below links on information regarding the path of the storm