Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

On behalf of the GHMS team, I would like to welcome home all of our seasonal residents! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to provide a better service for you and your home. It is very important to the GHMS Team that we provide a high level of customer service and ensure your satisfaction.

Hurricane Season Is NOT Over…

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is not over just yet! The U.S. remains at risk for additional strikes. Hurricane season runs through the end of November and it is possible the Atlantic may continue to produce the tropical storms right up to the wire. Please remain prepared and always remember to check the GHMS Homepage for hurricane updates!

Fall “To Do” List

Do you have any projects you need completed around your home? At Gardens Home Management Services, our handyman can take care of your entire to do list! From repairing your garbage disposal to installing your garage door keypad and everything in between. We take care of getting the supplies, assembling any necessary equipment and completing the repairs – all at a fair price! Schedule your Work Order Request Here!

Using Unlicensed Contractors

When you as a homeowner have an unlicensed and/or uninsured contractor/handyman doing work on your property, you put yourself at tremendous financial risk. While licensing isn’t necessarily a measure of competence, it does imply a certain level of professionalism and suggests that the contractor is committed to his or her job. Read More Here

Prepare Your Home For Season

GHMS is helping our homeowners prepare their homes for their arrivals this season. If you would like us to help prepare your home this season with any of the below services, contact us!

  • Handyman Repairs
  • Window Washing
  • Pressure Washing
  • And So Much More!

GHMS Spotlight – Animal Edition

Meet Kaylee’s cats: Maze, Phantom, Pluto & Kumo! Maze and Phantom are litter mates they were my first pair of cats I brought home at 7 weeks old. They love to cuddle and kiss each other. Maze is the sweetest most loving chill cat out of the pack. Phantom is a little crazy princess who loves to cuddle with me and give me kisses. Pluto loves to protect our home and play with his toy mouse. Kumo loves to eat everything and sometimes cries when he wants attention. Him and Pluto love to play all day and night.