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The time is almost here when snowbirds will fly home! If you already know your departure date & haven’t told us already, let us know so we can ensure you are setup for homewatch! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to provide better service for you and your home. Thank you for being a loyal customer & if there is anything you need, please contact us.

Departing Tips

The time is almost here when snowbirds will fly home! Before you leave your home for season, there are a few things you should remember to do before you go! GHMS goal is to help make your transition even smoother while you depart & once you are gone for season. Contact us today to learn how we can give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Who Is Checking Your Home?

Do you really know whose checking your home? Whether you spend the majority of your time at your South Florida home or whether you are only there for a few months a year, the peace of mind that comes along with knowing someone is keeping an eye on your home is priceless. Click here to see what questions you should ask yourself!

HomeWatch Services

GHMS is unlike any other home maintenance company around, due to our customized home-watch software program. This program emails you a report with pictures and a checklist of what was inspected at your home. Every time we are in your home conducting a home-watch, you will be receiving this report. This report verifies when we were at your home as it is time-stamped but will also show you if we came across any issues that need to be addressed.

Using Unlicensed Contractors

When you as a homeowner have an unlicensed and/or uninsured contractor/handyman doing work on your property, you put yourself at tremendous financial risk. You run the risk of being subject to anyone, or even all of the following if the contractor is injured while working on your home:

  • Medical bills for injured contractor / handyman
  • Lawsuit by contractor / handyman
  • Increase in insurance policy or cancellation

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GHMS Spotlight – Dog Edition

Meet Gracie and Kemba. Chip’s 4 year old Pomeranian and 6 year old Pomsky. The two dogs have bonded together and as Gracie is the female she is the boss even though she weighs 6 pounds to Kemba’s 52 pounds. They love to go hiking and take walks on the beach. They are also both snuggle dogs and love to get in bed and just nap and watch movies with their parents.