Last Updated on July 25, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services


Thank you so much!!! I am up in New York at a high school reunion (we booked flights 2 months ago). It was so nice if you to send this message. We were worried about the house and the shutters. Your message was so helpful.
Arnold Mackles

Thank you. You keep safe too. Hopefully all will get through this in one piece.
Arlene Silvers

Thank you so much! We are impressed with your service and communication. Stay safe!
Judy Griffin

I have so much faith in you and am thankful you are looking after our home. I was watching on the cameras and look forward to you going to house after the storm. For you and Chip and your families, be safe and God Bless you during this very very stressful time.
Andy Langfelder

I know this has been and is a very stressful situation. Barry and I want to thank you and your incredible team for watching over our home. We are thinking of all of you and praying that you are all keeping yourselves safe and out of harms way.
Marsha and Barry

Thank you for everything! We are very appreciative.
Gail and Bob Wertheimer

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thank you! Stay safe.
Anne Loiterman

Thanks for your continued updates and for what you and the rest of the GHMS team is doing and will do Most importantly, we hope you, your family and your team and their families come through the storm safely and securely. Thanks again and stay safe
Karen and Alan

Just want to extend our thanks for your dedication and we wish you and your families safety over the next few days.
John & Anna

Wow stay safe thanks for all you are doing. I wrote to Henry that we will have one or two couples staying at our house during the storm as we have a generator.
Joan warwick

Thank you so much for all that you and your staff are doing and the regular updates. We are with you in spirit!
Lynne Shepherd

Thank you Chip. You’ve got a good group and we hope everyone stays safe. Thanks for your help and concern.
Marty Bell

Thank you. So scary. Stay safe.

Thank you for the update. We appreciate.knowing we have a professional company overseeing our property. We are praying for the safety of our Florida family,neighbors & friends. We look forward to returning to our home.
June Herman

Chip, I know you are busy right now but I just wanted to say thanks for the continued communications. thanks for you and your team taking care of our homes. THANKS for making your team a priority. This all says a lot about you as the owner of a new company I’m using.

We look forward to hearing from you early next week. We hope drone photography, GPS, and the web will make it easier for your firm to find safe routes for your checks and assess the extent of power outages. Let’s hope the damage to the power infrastructure and bridges is minimal. With utmost appreciation,
Kitty Lavin

Thanks for all your staff’s hard work…I hope u all have a safe weekend
Kay moore

Chip congratulations on finishing up on what I am sure is a very tough job. Personally, thanks for your help with my unit. Stay safe.
Bob Paschon

Thanks for all you have done and your communication to us.
Joan warwick

Chip, good job, I’m going to give you a bottle of the best Venezuelan rum
eduardp Fortuny

Thanks again for your tireless efforts
Ken Goldman

Your update was most thoughtful and sincerely appreciated. Stay safe.
The Yarnell’s