Last Updated on July 25, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

I just wanted to let you know that as of this evening, all of the homes that were on our hurricane list and asked to be scheduled have been secured. The staff has worked long and hard to make sure that everything has been taken care of before Hurricane Irma has made its hit on our area . I am extremely proud and appreciative of there dedication in getting this job done.

We are expected to feel impact from the storm starting tomorrow morning and having it continue through Monday afternoon. Once we are given the all clear, as long as the roads are drive-able and we are allowed into the communities, we will be completing post hurricane inspections on your home. We may not have power or internet capabilities, but as soon as we have internet, we will be emailing you the inspection with pictures. If the power is out in your home when we do the inspection, please be aware that we will be emptying the contents of both the refrigerators and freezers. This is to prevent the contents from spoiling and causing your house to smell. If you do not want us to do that please email us at

We have stationed an employee outside of Florida as part of our emergency action plan. You will be able to reach her at Please be aware that we will not be providing any emergency services until we are given the all clear from the National Hurricane Center; as long as the roads are clear and the communities permit us entry. We will do everything in our power, but as you can see the magnitude of the storm is unlike anything ever seen in the Atlantic before.

We are unsure as to what is to come, as Hurricane Irma is constantly changing yet remaining extremely powerful. We have prepared for the worst and are hoping for the best. Please keep in mind that if we do loose power and internet, we will be in touch as soon as both are restored to let you know the status of your home.

Thanks and Be Safe !!!!