Last Updated on July 25, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

​I wanted to give you an update on the storm. It is pretty nerve wracking and scary being in the home watching this storm for those of us in residence. For the clients who are up north you are in a much better place. For the most part we were spared a direct hit but we have been experiencing very strong winds and tornado warnings all day long. Just now we got a gust of 90 miles per hour. It is blowing and raining and not safe at all to be outside. We are under a curfew through tomorrow . I am not sure when this will be lifted. I am fortunate that I have a generator so can send you this email to update you but we have not had power from FPL since 5:00 AM.

Here are some updates and procedures for Gardens Home Management:
– Pending safe travel for our employees, we will be inspecting homes beginning Tuesday morning. This process will take approximately two days. You will be receiving an email from us with pictures of your home and we will let you know if there is any damage. We are doing inspections in two person crews as it is safer for my employees.

-If there is not power to your home we will be emptying your fridge and freezer from all items as we do not want it to spoil and we will wipe out entirely. If for some reason you do not want us to do this please email me back as otherwise we are automatically removing all contents.

-FPL reports as of 3:00 PM that 324,330 homes are without power out of 739,000 homes in Palm Beach County
Once we have inspected your home we will inform you of the damage and our recommendations. You will then need to respond to us with your directions.

-If you are in residence we will be opening up shutters to your homes first. Unfortunately someone has to be first and someone last but we are moving as fast as we can. We are not focused on putting furniture out at this point but will at the latter part of the week if you are in residence.

-Prior to the storm we coordinated with all of our contractors (pool, water extraction, roofers, etc.). All are mobilized and ready to repair and clean up whatever damage is sustained as quickly as possible.

We will make it through this together. Our goal is to get your home back to normal as soon as possible

I will continue to update you as long as I have internet but please remember if you do not get a response from me email to as we have an employee off site outside of Florida who will recieve this email and get back to you

Be safe!!!