Last Updated on September 3, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good Morning!!
Not much new to report today as the storm stalled over the Bahamas yesterday and barely moved.  The good news is there is a high level of confidence from the National Hurricane Center that the storm will be turning north .The 8:00 AM report said it was inching to the north at one mile per hour. What this will mean to us if it continues to inch towards the north is we will only receive Tropical Force winds and possibly Hurricane force wind gusts today and tonight. The properties in Northern Palm Beach County will get higher winds than the properties in the Southern Part of Palm Beach County.  We still are suppose to receive 3 to 4 inches of rain. Presently as I look out my window it is dreary, with some rain and a bit breezy. We have had some squalls from the storm come through with heavy downpours and wind gusts but nothing too bad. Hoping this remains the case but it is expected to pick up this afternoon with winds 50-70 miles per hour with higher wind gusts.
The office is closed  however if you need something please email me or call the office and leave a message on the emergency number as we are monitoring all calls that we receive.  The plan is to open the office tomorrow and start doing our hurricane inspections at homes for customers who are not in residence and sending crews out to customers who are in residence to open there shutters so they are not in the dark anymore. Home watch is suspended for this week. With the present storm track I do not expect major power outages so communication with everyone should not be a problem . However this could change as the forecasters have changed the forecast so many times during this storm.
Yesterday as I was driving down PGA boulevard most businesses were closed, boarded up  and ready for the storm. It was quite eery. Even Publix was closed.  The only place open was Carmines as was trying to get some almond milk for my wife as she likes this in her coffee. Palm Beach county schools are closed today and tomorrow along with many other businesses and government offices waiting for the storm to pass.
Please continue to check our website for any updates and pertinent information at   I will send an update tonight . If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.